Can an IT infrastructure work without WIFI?

Feb 10, 2020
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When it comes to a professional network setup, delaware has one of the best Infrastructure Teams of seasoned experts on the market. Recently, they have completed a series of industrial network wireless surveys AB InBev. As one of our long-standing customers, they are also well aware of the rapidly changing requirements for IT. Lead Network Expert Maksim Churyukin and his team made sure to enable AB InBev’s Ukrainian office to be able to fulfill all their business needs.

Can an IT infrastructure work without WIFI?

“I’d say it is less about whether it CAN and more about if it SHOULD,” shared his experience Maksim. “What we see right now is a global trend for optimization that drives all business processes towards automation. It is also expected that the level of automation will increase from year to year. Along with that, the volume of the data transmitted will increase in proportion. That makes solutions, such as a modern warehouse management system, require reliable connections, flexibility and mobility. And of course,” Maksim concluded, “all these features depend on the quality of the wireless network.”

If it doesn't move, wire it, but if it moves, WIFI it

“Ultimately, what we usually suggest is: if it doesn't move, wire it, but if it moves, WIFI it. This all boils down to how our work has significantly changed in the last decade or so. As people are running from one meeting to another, they are conducting important business through mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Mobility became a key feature of the so called modern work environment, and the IT infrastructure needs to enable this rising demand curve for it. The days for the stationary desktops are long over. WIFI became an essential network feature.”

Office-dwellers are not the only ones in need of a reliable solution for their rapidly changing business needs. What about all the other areas in the workforce?

“Maybe at first glance one would not expect it, but the classic office infrastructure is just one of the many environments we can provide solutions for,” says Maksim. “As I mentioned, mobility is key nowadays and it is not at all restricted to offices. For example, we have implemented or improved the WIFI infrastructure for warehouses, healthcare-, hospitality-, and education facilities, retail stores, factories and manufacturing plants as well. When you need immediate connection, whether it is for updating or requesting data, making inquiries, or checking the internal systems, you sometimes need to do that on the move. Ergo, you need WIFI.

delaware saved us a lot of time and headache by understanding our business needs

Upon the completion of the wireless network survey, Igor Radchenko, AB InBev’s Head of IT in Ukraine, also shared his experience of working with delaware’s Infrastructure Team

“delaware finetuned their solution to support the number of connections we needed. We especially appreciated their readiness to go the extra mile. What we initially thought to be a complex problem due to previous planning issues became so much easier with their approach. For example, involving the warehouse management system (WMS) vendor in the planning early on was one of the many lessons learned. delaware saved us a lot of time and headache by understanding our business needs,” concluded Igor. “They managed to deliver their solution in a very short amount of time with all the key factors achieved.”

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