The future is cloud-connected 

We believe in the power of the cloud to facilitate easier access to innovation. Cloud computing blurs boundaries in and between companies and places new opportunities for growing towards truly smart within everyone’s reach.

There will be a gradual transition from an on-premise to a hybrid IT environment and further to a cloud-connected world.

All companies must undertake the cloud journey.

High demand for computing power

We are living in a global and mobile world where everything is increasingly connected — not only humans, but also things. The worldwide Internet of Everything generates a tremendous amount of data.

Besides that, we are moving towards ‘digital-first’ and ‘mobile-first’ and also towards Artificial Intelligence. All these evolutions will require enormous computing power. We are even convinced that the demand for computing power will be so high that no single company will be able to meet its needs with its own on-premise infrastructure alone. The only way forward is to embrace the cloud.


We hebben genoten van onze reis naar de cloud en de uitbreiding naar een ‘truly smart’ en connected wereld. Maak jij die reis ook?