Customer moments

Do you really know who your customers are and what they want?

Our customer insights experts focus on identifying and optimizing the moments of truth across the customer journey. We strive to offer an effortless experience to your customers in order to foster sustainable loyalty. Instead of making assumptions about who your customers are, what they want and what will generate value for your business, we help you reveal the true power of your customer data. 

Getting to know your customer better is a prerequisite for any successful digital transformation. Find out how customer moments contribute to creating effortless experiences.


Advanced insight & activation

With the right insights, you can move from static, assumption-based activities to dynamic and relevant data-driven marketing and sales engagement.

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Voice of the customer

Start listening closely to your customers’ needs. Use their real behavior and preferences to create customer experiences that are easy and seamless, thus fostering sustainable customer loyalty.

Persona definition

We combine data and persona mapping to bring customer segments to life without losing track of growth opportunities and revenue potential. It’s about focus and alignment of priorities.

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Customer journeys

Given the complexity of customer interactions today, customer journeys are visual maps that help you identify pain points across the buyer journey. We focus on ensuring simplicity and seamless experiences.

Loyalty and ambassadorship

An effortless experience encourages long-term customer loyalty. Putting the customer first requires more than sending out a few special offers, however. We combine data and marketing activation to forge lasting emotional links between your business and your customers, enabling you to become a ’love brand’.

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Waarom je Salesforce moet integreren met een document management systeem

Dankzij het CRM-platform Salesforce weet je alles over de interacties tussen jouw organisatie en afzonderlijke klanten. Maar ondertussen zoek je je suf naar een belangrijk contract, essentiële product informatie of een cruciale factuur voor een specifieke klant. Op die manier hebben jij of je collega’s niet het totale klantbeeld waar ze behoefte aan hebben. Het integreren van Salesforce met een documentmanagementsysteem biedt uitkomst.
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