CMA Alumni Interview: How CMA can boost your career in Finance

03 10 2022

Do you want to improve your business skills in management accounting and financial management? delaware’s CMA business course might be the right course for you! Read the experience of our CMA alumnus, Bas Janssen, to gain insight in how a CMA course can boost your career in Finance.

Bas Janssen’s his experience

Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a professional certification credential in the management accounting and financial management fields. The CMA business course from delaware enables you to think as executive and act effectively as their representatives in financial matters. In this blog you will read the CMA course experience of our alumnus, Bas Janssen.

CMA course experience

With joining the CMA course at delaware, I was hoping to broaden and deepen my financial knowledge. I aimed to gain knowledge on tools and models which I could put into practice in order to funnel complex problems. 

The topics which were covered during the course were really appealing to me. Some of them were a refresh of knowledge I gained earlier, while other topics were new. Both were of great use in my day-to-day practice.

In addition, the trainer of the course really knows what he’s talking about; showing you not only the solution to a question but also “the why”. The trainer particularly focuses on the practical usage of the topics of the course. Moreover, the trainings provided me with a good preparation for the exams.

The trainer shows you not only the solution to a question but also “the why”. 

For me, discipline was very important during the course. Particularly because I was following the CMA course next to my fulltime job. Nevertheless, it was not difficult for me to create this discipline. It was more a case of creating time for the course on a weekly basis to keep up with the study material.

After completion of the course

The CMA course brought me practical knowledge and examples, combining theory with the day-to-day practice. It provided me with tools to further develop myself to a higher level. I believe the completion of the CMA course is as a good addition to my masters’ degree in Law, Economics and my Post Master Register Accountancy.

The course brought me practical knowledge and examples, combining theory with the-day-to-day practice.

The course brought me a lot of practical knowledge on financial tools and models and how to use them. The knowledge of these models, for example the Dupont-scheme, help to understand what is the root cause in certain problems. Now I have completed the course, I’m able to make use of these tools in my daily job which help me to do my work more efficiently, making a greater impact in my job as financial.

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