Multi-Geo Capabilities in OneDrive and SharePoint Online in Office 365

okt 30, 2017

Give a group of like mind individuals an internet connection, and they can have a global presence from day one. Unfortunately, as they grow beyond the boundaries of their region data silos can quickly appear. Having an office in Amsterdam and another set of offices in the states meant separate systems to manage their documents.

In the first halve of next year Microsoft will introduce multi-geo capabilities to OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online in Office 365. Currently in preview, with SharePoint following sometime next year. Companies will be able to expand their Office 365 solution to multiple geographic regions or countries all within their existing Office 365 tenant. This means European companies can expand their tenants to include their American colleagues (or vice a versa) offering them a localized version of their Office 365 solution without the latency issues of the past.  

A few benefits include:

  • Common and consolidated enterprise information management architecture;
  • Common user sharing and experiences involving everyone within a company;
  • Centralized management of Office 365, Azure;
  • The ability to create policies per region tailored to local regulations. Think GDPR, and other regional regulations;
  • Organizations will be able to meet the data residency requirements of their specific location;
  • Enable eDiscovery managers per region, by allowing them to govern as appropriate for their region;
  • Save on infrastructure costs by reducing or retiring on-premises data footprints.

The ability to centrally manage geographically separate SharePoint geo-locations is a major step forward in the world of Enterprise Information Management. Although fair warning is in order, multi-geo management is/will be a complex subject. The multi-geo capabilities are in preview for Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business. SharePoint Online is still under development. Companies that are interested can reach out to their Microsoft Account Team and sign up for early access. 

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