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Thinking about earning the CMA?!
The stepping stone toward your international career in Finance!


Fierce competition exerts heavy pressure on the corporate accounting world. Our clients are more demanding and expect quality and service close to perfection. You need to be “best in class”. Stand out from the crowd. Becoming a Certified Management Accountant is a good first step.

CMA is the best internationally recognized study program to enroll in after your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Completing it will give you a professional credential that is highly regarded in the Netherlands and abroad.

Do you want to build your career in corporate accounting?
The CMA is a study program for accounting professionals specifically designed to meet crucial accounting and financial management skills. CMAs are qualified to work across an organization, not just in finance or accounting. This is especially relevant for building success in a business environment of your choice.

Why enroll in a CMA study program at delaware?

Maybe your friends or family will raise their eyebrows at you, because they never heard of CMA. In the world of accountants and financial professionals, CMA is the largest in this niche.
 If you aspire an international career in finance, attaining a CMA certificate is a highly regarded certification. What we offer:

•             Lessons in small groups with like-minded people (maximum of 15 participants).
•             Learn from the best: drs. Jan Kooiman
•             Teaching material from Wiley, a popular and proven efficient learning system
•             An aspirational program with guest speakers
•             One-on-one guidance and feedback from professors
•             An evening course

“Professor Jan Kooiman gave me all the tools I needed to succeed. Earning your CMA with the study program of delaware is a great idea.”

About your professor

Learn from the best: drs. Jan Kooiman
Lecturer at University Leiden. Professor in Financial Management.

Jan Kooiman holds a Master degree in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam. He is also the program manager and acknowledged Subject Matter Expert of the Certified Management Accounting (CMA) program at delaware. Jan combines business experience and thought leadership with the rigor of academic discipline.

Length of course and program

The CMA study program takes about one year to complete. It is divided into two blocks of 21 weeks each. The lessons are given once every two weeks on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9.45pm. You and your fellow students can have dinner at the course location between 6pm and 7pm. 

Each block comprises:
•             8 sessions in which we deal with the theory and cases
•             1 sessions in which you will be given intensive exam training