Beginnen als junior-consultant

Hé, hallo! Gefeliciteerd, je bent geslaagd (of bijna)! Wat nu?

Of je nu net van school komt of al een beetje werkervaring hebt, het kan enigszins angstaanjagend zijn om de juiste carrièrekeuze te maken. Maar maak je geen zorgen, we hebben allemaal in hetzelfde schuitje gezeten.

Als je die eerste stappen op de arbeidsmarkt zet voelt dat misschien net zoals Bambi op het ijs – wankel en onzeker. Maar we hebben er vertrouwen in dat jij en jouw kennis bij ons perfect passen. We twijfelen er niet aan dat je een hele nieuwe wereld gaat ontdekken als technisch consultant, functioneel consultant, of iets daar tussenin. Weet je nog niet zeker welke functie bij delaware aansluit bij jouw profiel? We stellen voor de onderstaande junior-functiebeschrijvingen eens te lezen. Wie weet? Misschien herken je jezelf wel in één daarvan. Als dat zo is, moeten we absoluut eens een keer praten.

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Bereid je voor op een flitsende start

Velen van jullie zullen het gevoel hebben dat je nu wel even genoeg gestudeerd hebt en kunnen niet wachten om direct aan de slag te gaan. Toch willen we er zeker van zijn dat we de juiste tips en trucs meegeven voor een flitsende start in je nieuwe baan als consultant.

Daarom begin je je carrière met een deelname aan het zogenaamde Analist Boot Camp, een intensieve, 6 weken durende opleiding vol trainingen en workshops. Je neemt een diepe duik in de technology waarmee je gaat werken en boost je soft skills tijdens social get-togethers, team buildings and business games.

Nieuwsgierig om te zien hoe andere starters het deden tijdens hun eerste week? Lees       erover in deze blog. Ben je klaar voor delaware?

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FAQ: What do you need to know...

Do I have the right profile to apply at delaware?

We have a diversity of people working at delaware, ranging from commercial engineers to developers and everything in between. We even have an archeologist and historian working in our offices! True: a diploma or degree is important in most cases, but it’s not a deal breaker.

To give you an idea:

  • Our functional consultants are usually people with a Master in economics, business or engineering, with a specialization in IT, operations & supply chain, data, finance or HR.
  • We require our technical consultants to have a Bachelor or Master degree in software development, networking & infrastructure, cloud or anything else IT related.

Most importantly however, is that we hire for motivation
. If you are genuinely interested in building the bridge between business & IT, then don’t hesitate to apply. We’d love to have a chat with you!

When is the best time to apply?

At delaware, you can apply whenever you feel ready. Our junior job offers are always online and we'll always consider your application. However, there are some key moments to keep in mind when looking for a job at delaware.

The best moment for you to apply is from February to August, knowing that 80% of our juniors start in our September Analyst Bootcamp.

There might be opportunities throughout the rest of the year as well. The amount of open junior positions to start outside of September depends on specific needs and are more oriented towards technical profiles. However, you can always try!

What does our application process look like?

After your application and if we see a first match, one of our junior recruiters will plan a first introductory call. This is a short informal phone call to align on what you’re looking for and to discuss the opportunities at delaware at that time being.

If your interests match our needs, your recruiter will plan an HR interview at one of our offices or via Teams as long as the covid measures last. After that, you’ll have one or two business interviews with managers from the team you’ll end up in. If all goes well, we’ll call one last time to discuss your financial proposal. And hopefully, a couple of weeks later, you’re our new colleague!

Keep in mind that we don’t see your application as an elimination race, but rather as a process where we will try to look for the best possible match with you. This means that both you and we can ask for more flexibility if needed. 

What can I expect from the HR interview?

Don’t see the HR interview as a moment of evaluation, but rather as an informal conversation. Your recruiter will ask about your interests, your match with delaware and consulting. At the end, you’ll discuss together which delaware team or role will be most suited for you.

It’s not just up to us to ask all the questions! We see the HR interview as a two-way street, so we invite you to be curious, open and critical. This is the perfect moment for you to find out if you can see yourself working here. 

What can I expect from a business interview?

Your business interview(s) will be with one or two people that work in the team you’re applying for. They are the ones that will guide you in your projects once you’ve started at delaware. 

The business interview is a moment to talk about your experience, interests, background, internships, school projects, … Some teams decide to do a small technical test, others prefer to stick to an open conversation.

 Again, this is the time to ask questions about the team, your potential future colleagues and the projects they work on. Don’t hesitate to put them to the test!

What's it like to work at delaware?

As project consultants, no day is the same. When you're at one of our delaware offices, you can feel the buzz when you walk through our doors. We work flexibly in open spaces, but have different rooms for your different needs and tasks. In need of a break? There's always some time for small talk at the coffee machine, or people playing a small game of foosball at the kicker table.

When you're not at the office, you're working at the client side. Here you'll work with many different people: your own team members, colleagues from other teams, project managers, stakeholders or even the CEO of the client company.

Something you don't understand or something that's not clear? Typical for the delaware culture is that anyone of the #peopleofdelaware will be happy to help. delaware is a one-stop-shop for a long list of expertises, so whatever you need, there's always someone you can connect with.

Last but not least: what we do is serious business, but we have plenty of opportunities to blow off steam after hours. Next to our ski trip, Family Day, Starters' Drink or team weekends, you can keep an eye out for informal pizza parties or 'koffiekoeken' on Monday.

What about my training & development as a starter?

Taking those first steps into the job market might make you feel a little like Bambi on ice – wobbly and insecure. To kick off your career at delaware you’ll get a few weeks of small-group training during the Analyst Bootcamp. You’ll not only learn more about consulting in general and the required soft skills, but you’ll also get an introduction into the technical tools we work with.

Further through your career, you'll be able to develop yourself both personally and professionally. The delaware academy is always there to help if you need additional training. 

At delaware you’re never on your own. You’ll get a lot of support from you team members, your buddy for daily guidance and your mentor to help you develop your career.