Senior Digital Strategist

autre que SAP & Microsoft, marketing & communication, un peu d'experience, consultant·e

For you, there’s nothing more important than helping clients optimize and streamline their customer journey, whether it’s through websites, e-commerce platforms or customer portals.

As a digital strategist, your focus is on defining web platform features based on customers’ needs and translating them into pragmatic and realistic roadmaps. Using your creative, hands-on approach, you guide them towards the people, processes, and tools they need to realize their future web platform.

Your goal is to gather and structure information through workshops and research. This starts by sitting down with our clients and other stakeholders to assess their needs and identify bottlenecks. Through consultation, you define the future vision and creatively challenge our clients. The result is a digital roadmap that outlines what the customer wants to achieve, paired with the right digital initiatives to get there , e.g. in terms of content, SEO, traffic generation, product information management, etc.


By staying involved in the implementation project as a trusted advisor, you ensure that the strategic direction of the roadmap is followed and that your customer’s outcome is safeguarded. In other words: you are the architect of the digital success of our customers.

Who are we?

Guess what the first thing that springs to our minds when we get up in the morning is. It’s the customer. Our CX consulting team is part of a new generation of digital business consultants who focus on making digital workWe pride ourselves on our practical approach — for every business need we can find an efficient and realistic solution.

Our mission? To facilitate customers to make the next big step toward enhancing their customer experience. We optimize customer journey touchpoints, create an omnichannel experience, and build valuable customer relationships.

Just so you know: delaware has its offices in Antwerp, Ghent, Kortrijk, Lummen and Wavre, but we also spend a lot of time working with our customers on-site.  The job is done wherever the work gets done!

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Is there a match?

Let’s see. If you . . .

  • have at least 5 years of consulting experience in the field of web and digital platforms;
  • can easily translate customer journey needs into web or customer portal functionalities;
  • have first-hand experience of managing web platform projects for customers in complex contexts;
  • are familiar with CMS systems and other marketing tools;
  • know your way around Google Analytics and SEO reporting ;
  • have a no-nonsense, hands-on approach that means no challenge is too intimidating;
  • have experience with multiple workshop methodologies;
  • are a trusted advisor to C-level managers and subject matter experts at delaware;
  • have a strong analytical mind: you won’t rest until you’ve found an efficient, practical, and realistic solution;
  • have excellent communication skills to assess the customer’s needs and put forward an effective solution;
  • can express yourself fluently in English and Dutch, while also speaking a little French;

Let's meet up!

Come and have a chat with us and tell us all about your skills, talents, and previous experience. Are you keen to help us grow our Customer Moments team? Feel free to connect us if you have any questions whatsoever.

Don’t worry if you can’t meet all these requirements. If you can meet some of them, then we want to hear from you and learn all about your skills, talents, and motivation. Click the Apply Now button below, and hopefully, we’ll get to meet each other soon!

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