" Microsoft Azure is an application platform in the cloud allowing you to swiftly build and run online stores tailored to your needs. The infrastructure is never a bottleneck. "

The agility of the cloud

Azure is a PaaS (platform as a service), meaning you can test, validate and run your ecommerce applications in the cloud without having to wait for the IT infrastructure managers to install and configure the right servers locally.

No downtime

The delivery of the whole flow – from building to running applications – is automated and guarantees no downtime, 24/7. Your customized developments can be easily tested multiple times before going into production, improving the reliability. And you can always roll back. Moreover, Azure includes performance monitoring capabilities.

Highly scalable (for special events)

Your business requires doubled or tripled server capacity for a special event. With Azure, temporarily boost up your capacity in a few clicks, without doing any permanent upfront investment. As an international company, optimize the high-availability of your different stores across the world, leveraging the multiregional traffic management capacity of the Azure cloud platform.

Integration with on-premises applications

Though it gives you the flexibility of the cloud, Azure can integrate with on-premises applications. Given its long expertise both in Microsoft and SAP, delaware is the partner of choice to connect your Azure front-end with ERP back-end systems.

Build and run as much as you like with Azure in the cloud

Microsoft Azure brings you the agility of a development platform in the cloud, while automating your whole delivery cycle, from building to running your customized e-commerce applications. There is no infrastructure bottleneck, you can test validate or roll-back as much as you want, with no downtime.

And if you have doubts about the performance or high availability of your stores, you will be happy to know that Azure includes a monitoring system as well as multiregional traffic management capabilities.


Game Mania is not your typical toy store. They specialise in computer and console games, with a special focus on second hand.

Credits: Game Mania



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