" Identity Management is about creating a single-user profile, starting from a customer’s first interaction on one of your platforms, which then allows you to offer smooth and personalized customer experiences across all of your channels. "

Drive new customer acquisition and conversion

Increase conversion by identifying your customers at the point of site entry and offering them tailored products and services. Tying user identity data to purchase behaviors, will allow you to optimize your audience segmentation and acquisition campaigns.

Foster customer loyalty and retention

Know your customers to the core. Sending personalized content at any point in their journey, setting-up well-suited loyalty programs and rewarding brand ambassadorship, ensures lifetime value and loyalty.

Single-user profiles

Using an identity management platform will help you collect and manage identity data in an organized and actionable way. Each single-user profile containing the preferences, behavior and consent information of one customer.

Build brand awareness and product discovery

Let shoppers share their experiences across your site and social networks and empower them to become brand ambassadors. User-generated content shapes your brand identity, builds credibility and drives product discovery. 


With the brand names Planet Parfum and Di, Distriplus is active as a retailer in the 'beauty & care' sector with 200 points of sale in Belgium and Luxembourg.

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Identity management is the organizational process for identifying, authenticating and authorizing individuals or groups of people to have access to applications, systems or networks by associating user rights and restrictions with established identities.


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Customer Engagement & Commerce

Customer Engagement & Commerce is about creating consistent and highly qualitative personalized customer experiences across both on- and offline channels of a business in order to build strong, lifelong client relationships.

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Omni-Channel Experience

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Omni-Channel Platforms

With the right omni-channel platform brands, you can deliver the “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experience that customers expect today.

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UX & Design

Experience design isn’t about building a good-looking website. It is about translating the web visitor’s actual needs in every step of the customer journey into an intuitive surfing experience. Watch our video to discover why UX & Design is key to engage users.

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