Utility team

Unlocking sustainable, customer-driven business models for utility companies

The utilities business model has changed radically over the past few years. Companies must optimize their operations to overcome new, digital-age challenges. As a utilities business, integrating and embedding innovative functionalities and tools in your operations generate direct added value and sustainable growth in an increasingly efficiency- and customer-driven economy.

Industry-specific knowledge

As in the past years, the Hungarian utilities market saw some significant changes, the need for a professional team with specific utility knowledge appeared. Our utility team consists of professionals with more than ten or twenty years of industry-specific experience individually.

SAP IS-U experience

Our experts have outstanding experience with the SAP IS-U module which is designed to serve the specific needs of the utilities. With SAP IS-U, mass billing is more effective and error-free, customer service data can be reached easily and the customers are more satisfied.

The 3 Ds: challenges facing the utilities segment

Utility companies used to work in a linear, easily scalable way: simply producing and selling more led to increased revenues. However, digitalization and the scarcity of resources have changed this business model radically over the past few years. Nowadays, utility companies have to address three big challenges: the 3 Ds: decarbonization, deregulation and decentralization.

Electric power, natural gas, drinking water, etc. provided by utilities are essential determinants of the quality of life. Our mission is ensuring that these services are continuously accessible for everyone up to par, by planning, implementing and operating advanced IT solutions for our customers in the utilities sector.
Sandor Pinter, Utility Solution Lead

Choosing the right IT system acquires more customers

The players of the utilities industry face some specific difficulties when it comes to managing thousands of customers at the same time. Choosing the right IT system is crucial to avoid customer complaints and bad reputation, thus, it is essential to know the market and its challenges. Our experts have critical knowledge and years of experience within the utilities sector and are committed to enable its key players to reach their full potential.

Covering all competencies

Our consultants are consciously working towards covering all technical and business competencies required in the market from utility meter data management and mass billing through bank account management to the development of bank interfaces. 

During our first consultation, we review your currently implemented technologies and find solutions that fit your needs while ensuring a high-quality service for the customers.

Sandor Pinter

Utility Solution Lead