Meet the leader in enterprise integration-led automation

Listed as one of the leaders in Gartner Magic Quadrant, Workato offers a low-code/no-code platform that can integrate enterprise cloud apps, databases, legacy systems, file servers. 

Set up end-to-end workflow automation across an organisation’s apps, data, and teams. Bringing unparalleled efficiency and workplace satisfaction to the modern office.

The case for integration

An increasing number of companies opt for best-of-breed IT solutions for respective business functions. Without proper integrations across these solutions, this creates:

  • Poor information synchronisation due to data silos
  • Searching and navigating across separate apps
  • Inefficiency as employees constantly switch across different apps

Citizen integrator

Built to support a single user interface (UI) for developer and citizen integrators. Empower users the ease and capability to shape the processes that affect them directly.

Conversational Integration

Workato provides a chat-based bot-building platform such as MS Teams & Slack to support integration and workflows.

IT Governance

Aegis by Workato provides enterprise-wide visibility into users usage, integrations and applications connected. This tool allows management to assign different responsibility level and visibility into collaboration between business and IT teams.

Extensible platform

Workato's platform is extensible, letting it support new apps beyond existing ones available during pre-built. It offers a powerful connector which allows for integration with multiple system without a line of code.

Workato's platform allows non-technical workers to build automations and integrations themselves. This truly empowers organisations to connect systems and data to fit their needs and automate recurring processes at scale.
Jessica Barry, Snr Business System Analyst, Slack Technologies

The value delaware brings

We are the experts in core information systems and strive to bring back-office efficiencies for the modern office. We have over 20+ years of experience partnering enterprises on their digital transformation journey.

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