Evolution is what allowed us to be here today, as human beings. Evolution also brought us wonders we have never expected before, like cars, televisions, cell phones, computers and finally a whole XXIst century pallet of digital transformation that was never even considered a few decades ago, when our company was born.

Since delaware is also an important part of this technological ecosystem, and that we have always committed to transform and shape our client’s business to better face and seize those ongoing changes and opportunities, nothing is more logical than to refresh our brand and to become, ourselves, a part of this constant walk towards tomorrow.

Delaware Consulting is now delaware, and by presenting this new visual identity – with its new colors, images, templates and logo - we hope to dive further more into the future with you, our clients, and to not restrain the possibilities of what we can offer - and achieve together - but rather to become the very face of the innovation and solutions we propose today and in the times to come.


We are a living growing organization, fueled by the talent of our people. We adapt to changing circumstances in pursuit of our dream and the success of our customers. We are 'delaware' and you can count on us.

Jan Vets

We are translating our visuals into a more modern and updated language, but never losing sight of our core values, who are still the main fuel, inspiration and guideline for every action that we take, both internally and externally : commitment, respect, team spirit, entrepreneurship and care will always remain the unchangeable and solid pillars of our interactions, even when times and technology change and evolve.

Those are the things that will never cease to matter to us, the People of delaware.

So, even though this refreshing new image is coming to light in 2017, what we are certain to maintain for the years to come is our never ending passion and commitment in finding a consistent purpose to every creative proposition that we make. And to work, as always, very closely with the ones who have driven us towards excellency : our Customers, our Business Partners and our People.