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US office becomes SAP partner

Kortrijk (Belgium), 23 Maart 2009 Delaware Consulting US becomes SAP Channel Partner

From its Atlanta office, Delaware Consulting US has been delivering professional IT services (mainly SAP rollouts) to existing customers with branches in the United States since January 2007. But our US colleagues are, of course, also on the lookout for growth opportunities in local companies. The recently attained title of ‘SAP Channel Partner – SAP All-in-One VAR’ is a first step to consolidate our position on the North-American market.

Delaware Consulting US aims, initially, to target the local SME marketwith FAST-Engineer™, a powerful total solution based on SAP All-in-One. The title of ‘SAP Channel Partner’ was a first requisite to commercialize this platform in the United States. Thanks to an excellent business case, we were able to demonstrate that FAST-Engineer™ can provide American manufacturing and engineering companies with true added value. SAP was duly convinced and awarded us this much-sought-after title.

Over the next three months, SAP will work on the certification of FAST-Engineer™. Provided our set-up, documentation, project approach and sales presentations get the green light, Delaware Consulting will be allowed to officially sell the solution to American SMEs. If we succeed in that aim, we would like to have our FAST-Food™ and FAST-Chemicals™ solutions certificated too, as soon as possible.

Thanks to their integrated, best practices approach and modular structure, Delaware Consulting’s FAST-solutions™ ensure a short, cost-effective implementation and a high degree of flexibility. Two assets that are of key importance to SMEs, not least in today’s challenging economic climate.