Business Development Manager

What would your role be as a Business Development Manager?

You will be part of the Business Development Team:

  • Execute the Business Development strategies; to identify and generate new business relations through a variety of tools, Network, Social portals, or any Creative way that you can think about!
  • Data analysis; to understand what drives the Client’s and identify their likely high level needs
  • Work closely with Solution Sales and Marketing team to continuously improve the Business Development strategies
  • Involved in business engagement with Clients, alongside with the Solution Sales team.
  • Constantly upkeep with Solution Technology to improve on Business Development strategies

What you’ll need to join us at delaware:

  • Creative in generating business leads, stepping away from the conventional ways and thinking out of the box!
  • Strong Analytical and problem-solving skills to help understand how to optimally connect to the Clients
  • To demonstrate strong communication and attentive to customers’ need
  • Be self-driven with the ability to work independently, not afraid to step out of comfort zone.
  • Affinity with IT (SAP or OpenText solutions, service delivery & scrum are a plus but by no means a hard requirement)
  • It’s in our (and your!) best interest if you recognize yourself in Our Values: respect, care, commitment, team spirit and entrepreneurship.
  • Most importantly, you are open to learn and excited to enrich your knowledge.

At delaware, we...

  • Are a dynamic, stimulating team of highly-motivated professionals with attention for personal development in your expertise.
  • Offer a conducive culture for learning, development and growth.
  • Are involved in unique projects in Singapore (and the region) for prominent customers.
  • Aim to be as approachable as possible. Just tug at our sleeves and we’ll answer any question you might have. And don’t worry, we’ve all been there!
  • Know there’s more to life than work. We organize team events or the occasional sports day: Nothing better for team spirit than getting sweaty together, right?

What future prospect do you have?

This role is a typical first step into a solution sales career – through extensive research, exposure to customers in a variety of ways and close cooperation with senior sales reps & coaching by sales leadership, important experience can be gained through hard work, observation and trial&error in a safe environment. After a period in the Business Development Manager Role, a direct sales role would be a next step, followed by more senior sales roles, sales directorship and so forth.


If this interests you, we would love to meet you!