3 blogs that may inspire you for your summer holidays!

Jan 01, 0001

Dear reader,

During the summer holidays we’re going to take a break from writing blogs.
But don't worry, we did not forget about you!

Here are 3 of our blogs that may inspire you for your summer holidays.

And if you’re a delawarian you absolutely deserve them! In the first part of 2016 we've been performing really well.

What do summer holidays and technology have in common?


Wonder what ephemeralization is and how it applies to your summer holidays?
Then check Marc Van Der Zon’s blog 5 benefits of doing more with less and discover why less is more.

Visit the smartest city

People who aren’t going abroad can still do a staycation, so why not visit the smartest city?

I’m talking about Ghent ofcourse, read all about why Ghent is the smartest city and how we can even make it smarter in Dries Storme’s blog Mirror, mirror… who’s the smartest city of them all?
Delaware tip: Gentse feesten take place from 17 to 24 july.

Push yourself beyond your comfort zone

Just like our Belgian employee Nigel did, by deciding to move to America to work for the Delaware offices in Atlanta. Discover Nigel’s story in a series of 4 blogs.
Thanks for reading our blogs, we hope you will have great summer holidays!
Expect new blogs on the 19th of August. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to read our previous blogs.

Kind regards,

The Delaware Consulting social media team.

P.S. Delawarians: don’t forget to take a picture with the Delaware sunglasses and/or t-shirt for our contest!