Student organizations become strategic partners. A story of co-creation and added value.

Mar 05, 2015

You should not think of sponsoring student organizations as purely buying advertisement. It is so much more. It is part of your Corporate Social Responsibility. Consider it supporting your future employees. In fact, it is not about sponsoring at all. It’s about a strategic partnership with mutual benefits.

Nowadays student organizations have become worthy strategic partners for companies. They create added value on a domain that no other professional organization has access to: an almost infinite source of highly skilled individuals. When you invest in student fraternities, you invest in your future employees.

Breaking down barriers

Student organizations break down barriers between students and companies. They offer students and companies a platform to introduce themselves to each other. Companies can enter the “natural habitat” of the students (e.g. fun activities and campus recruitment), while the students get the opportunity to take their first steps in a professional environment (e.g. internships and company days). A big added value is that student organizations not only appeal to their own members, but also try to include numerous students outside their organization.

What I personally appreciate the most about this type of collaboration is that student organizations are managed by entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and socially engaged students. It is a pleasure to work with this next generation of managers, engineers and consultants.

Each year, Delaware Consulting works in close collaboration with different student organizations all over Belgium. For the Antwerp region for example, Delaware Consulting joins forces with, amongst others, Wikings-NSK.

WHO kings?

Stijn De Vry, president of Wikings-NSK, introduces this organization and explains his point of view on the collaboration with companies like Delaware Consulting: “Wikings-NSK is the oldest and largest student organization in Antwerp appertaining to the faculty of Applied Economics. This faculty has over 3,000 members and includes disciplines such as Business Engineering, Business Engineering in Management Information Systems and Economics.”

“Our mission is to enhance the life of our students as much as possible and in a number of ways. We integrate new students by organizing special activities to get them in contact with elder students, we offer less expensive new and used course materials and books, we make the university life of our members more pleasant with cultural, sports and various other student activities and, last but not least, we also support our students in their professional development.

That is why Wikings-NSK organizes many recruitment and development activities: to offer a full academic learning experience. This way, we hope to make students truly familiar with the corporate world so they make the right choice after their studies.”

Wikings conquer the corporate world

“Wikings-NSK tries to strengthen its position as an intermediary between students and companies. We assist the master students of our faculty to get in contact with their potential future employer. By collaborating with companies like Delaware Consulting, we are able to organize even more and better business related events. Currently, we are organizing multiple job fairs, lectures, workshops, an internship fair, stimulate entrepreneurship and many more. Because the interests of our students are very diverse, the partnership with Delaware Consulting made it possible to fulfill the desires of students with an interest in the alignment of business and IT even more.”

Financial attainment

“The organization of all these events has a certain price ticket. This is why we ask all our partners to contribute by means of a sponsorship. This enables us to make the events as professional as possible. The financial surplus of this kind of events is used to enhance the life of all the students at our faculty as mentioned earlier. Some examples of other events we organize for our students are a prom, a comedy night with famous stand-up comedians, multiple sports related activities and many more.”

“As should be clear by now, Delaware Consulting is a very important company for the development of students at the faculty of Applied Economics at the University of Antwerp and for the continuity of our organization. For me personally this partnership made me much more aware of the company and its working environment.”

Did you ever meet Delaware Consulting on one of the occasions organized by Wikings-NSK or one of the many other student associations? Share your experiences with us.