Make your customer fall in love with you

Mar 23, 2015
Most marketers seem to agree: in 2015, the customer will once again be at the heart of the brand strategy. There are countless new technologies that drastically change the way we do business, but research among marketers shows that they are merely meant to be a driver for better customer experience. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to make your customer fall in love with your brand over and over again.

Be one

Customers can get in touch with your brand wherever they are and whenever they want, this is nothing new. However, a lot of companies are struggling to present a view of their brand that is consistent across channels. It makes sense. Content has grown historically and source upon source was added to vast company databases. Unifying all of these systems is no easy feat, but it is going to be a must for further growth. Investing in a single source of truth (one consistent data stream that feeds all of your different channels) will not only make your customers’ lives easier, it will also drastically simplify yours.

Be personal

Context is the next battlefield upon which brands are fighting for their customers’ love. If you can connect with your customer at the right time or the right location, with a message that actually applies to them, you become an asset, not a nuisance. Personalization is easier said than done though, because it is fueled by data and you need technology to process that data. Only then can you turn data into valuable insights that will show you how to create extra value for your customer and a more targeted approach for your brand.

Be mature

You can already tell that this journey is not going to be a walk in the park. Relationships require a lot of work, no matter their nature. To truly thrive in the face of digital disruption, your business is going to need a certain level of digital maturity. Apart from intensifying digital activities, there needs to be a mind shift within the company. Customer satisfaction has to be on everyone’s mind all the time. It has to be a company-wide team effort. Love your customer unconditionally, and they will love you back.

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