From NAV to AX: the best (professional) decision I have ever made

Dec 17, 2015
After almost 5 years of working as an NAV consultant, I sensed routine in everything I did. Steve Jobs once said ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do’. He hit the nail on the head. I had to retrieve the happiness and challenge in being a passionate consultant.

First months of struggling

Do you hesitate to take the step to a new company or an unknown technology? I felt the same when I decided to go for the AX challenge. And I must admit, the first months were hard work to learn this new technology. The advantage here is that NAV and AX are both Microsoft products, so the user interface and a lot of functionalities within AX are very similar to NAV. Having the experience of being a consultant also helped me a lot. Business processes don’t change. Only the way of implementing them is different.

AX, a great experience

Learning to know AX better, it became clear how endless the possibilities are. Working on projects for medium and large companies in various industries is really exciting. I got the opportunity to work independently in several business domains. But for me the biggest revelation was that AX projects are bigger and more complex than NAV projects. And AX offers a lot more standard functionalities to cope with these challenges.   Of course, it also helps if you can always count on your colleagues when you have questions or doubts. And before you know it, you become the person of trust for other new Delawareans.

What brings the future?

Now, after 5 years, I still love being an AX consultant. And Steve Jobs was right, loving what you do allows you to do great work. The best proof is that I am at the threshold of a new era, as I recently took up the challenge of becoming team lead of the AX Logistics team. I will keep doing what I love the most, being a committed consultant. But becoming a team lead proves that everything is possible, as long as you don’t lose your motivation and passion.

Do you also feel the need to broaden your horizon and to explore your limits? Don’t be afraid to jump!

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Author: Dieter Verschuere. You can connect with Dieter on LinkedIn