Are you ready to discover the 11 favorite fun facts of our new generation?

Oct 19, 2015

Did you know that Delaware Consulting recently hired more than 50 newcomers? And did you know that almost 30% of them got to know Delaware Consulting on a job fair?

In the past month we conducted in-depth interviews with every one of them. This is how we try to find out the answers to the questions: “Who are you? ”, “What is your passion? ”, “What motivates you?”. We also asked them: “What’s the last funny tidbit that you’ve heard recently?”. This resulted in some interesting insights we would like to share with you.

We are happy to introduce you the new generation of Delaware Consulting!

1. Maarten

I am Maarten and as a statistician I joined the Business Insights department. Mainly, I will do predictive modelling with the SAS software package. I am 25 years old and I really like doing sports, such as hiking.

Did you know that people who go to bed late are smarter than those who don’t? However, ‘evening people’ are less reliable, emotionally less stable and more quickly develop addictions. ‘Morning people’ have more resistance, work better together and get better results at school. Normally I go to sleep late, but now I am not quite sure anymore…

2. Max

Hi, my name is Max and I joined the SAP Service Logistics team. I graduated as an engineer in June at the University of Ghent and will now take my first steps into my professional life at Delaware Consulting. In my spare time I like to play squash, tennis, do some cycling, play with my cat ‘Muts’ and cook for my friends.

Did you know that when you receive a major electric shock, it’s not the electricity that throws you across the room, but it’s the force of your muscles contracting? Basically, you’re strong enough to instantly throw yourself across a room.

3. Gaelle

I’m Gaelle and I’m 22 years old. I studied applied economics at the university of Antwerp. I played tennis in my spare time, but due to a shoulder problem I decided to do something else: volleyball. It may seem weird, but it hurts less. I have two dogs: Mister Gucci & Bruce. Bruce is still a puppy (Brown Cavalier King Charles) and my loyal buddy. Mr. G. is the family dog.

Did you know that when a girl smiles at you and you don’t smile back automatically, you are a psychopath? It is called ‘mirror neurons’.

4. Pieter

Last year I graduated as a business engineer at the KU Leuven. After taking a gap year and travelling to a lot of beautiful places, I started working at Delaware Consulting in the BI Costing team.

Did you know that Nutella uses 25% of the world’s supply of hazelnuts?

5. Julie

Hi, my name is Julie and I just graduated as an analyst programmer. I’m 23 years old so you could say I’m ‘in the time of my life’. I’m still living with my parents in Heusden, a small village 15 minutes from Ghent.

Last year I went to China. That’s where I learned that every panda on the planet is a Chinese one.  If you see a panda in another country you can be sure that the company has a rental arrangement with China. It’s a really smart choice to only lease pandas and not to sell them. 

6. Ruben

I was born in Waregem but I’ve been living in Ghent, the prettiest city of Belgium, for 4 years now. I studied performing classical music and electronics-ICT. After spending my last semester in Copenhagen, I started my first job at Delaware Consulting. In my spare time, you can find me teaching music to children or on stage in various theater projects as a freelance musician.

Did you know that Lapland has strict regulations on speed limits for snowmobiles? When I was riding a snowmobile in Lapland, there were actually speed cameras hidden in the forest and elsewhere in the middle of nowhere. Funny thing is that the locals get fined a lot.

7. Karel

Hi, I am Karel and I graduated in electrical engineering – ICT at Ghent University. Ever since I was little, I’ve been passionate about technology. Of course that’s not all, I also love travelling, going to a concert, or just grabbing a beer with some friends. Want to know more about me? Just ask!

Have you ever heard about “zombie bananas”? You can actually make brown bananas yellow again by putting them in a plastic bag together with some jasmine rice. You should check it out yourself!

8. Mikal

I’m Mikal and I joined the SAP retail team. I have a bachelor degree in business management – entrepreneurial studies and I obtained a business certificate at the James Cook University. I’m an active sports enthusiast, mainly racket sports and I’m currently training to finish a full triathlon by the end of next summer.

Did you know that when hippos are upset, their sweat turns red?

9. Leen

I’m Leen, 28, and live in Ghent (Zwijnaarde). I joined the OpenText team. I have a background in biomedical sciences and also earned a master’s degree in applied informatics. For the past 4 years I’ve been doing a PhD in biomedical sciences. I also supported my colleagues when they had software problems, and in bioinformatics. My spare time is split between sports (cycling, swimming), music (listening, playing) and my PhD.

Did you know that when you are born, you have about 300 bones in your body? As an adult, though, you only have 206.

10. Arian

Hi! My name is Arian and I recently joined the SAP CRM team. I am from Aalst but I’m currently live in Ghent. First, I studied applied informatics (software engineering). I also earned a master’s degree in Business Administrations (Information Management).

In my spare time I spend a lot of time in music, as I’m a DJ playing deep house, techno and minimal. Besides that I often go swimming and once in a while I go to the gym. Furthermore I like backpacking in foreign countries.

Did you know that scientists finally concluded that the chicken came first, and not the egg? This is because the protein that chickens use for making eggshells is only produced by hens.

11. Bastiaan

Hello there! Bastiaan here, calling from Ghent. Please don’t be shy and call me Bas, ‘cause Bastiaan really sounds official in my ears. After obtaining a master’s degree in mathematics, I studied creative theater for 4 years. Why? Because I wanted to do something different. I’m a digital guy, so give me a computer and I’ll smile, at least until the first bug appears…

Did you know that Albert Einstein didn’t win a Nobel prize for his theory of general relativity? He did win a prize, however, for his explanation for the photoelectric effect.

Interesting stuff, right? What’s your favorite fun fact?

Author: Jasper Van Mullem. You can follow Jasper on Twitter (@jasper_vm) or connect with him on LinkedIn 

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