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‘China Logistics Management’ zoomt in op FAST-Food™

Kortrijk (Belgium), 18 December 2008 Delaware Consulting’s FAST-Food™ solution has been extensively mentioned in the November issue of a Chinese magazine: ‘China Logistics Management’. In an article entitled ‘European Food Traceability Legislation’, the author zoomed in on the how and why of Europe’s strict food legislation, explained how IT can help the food industry meet food regulations and highlighted some parallels between Europe and China.

The starting point of the 3-page article was the recent Sanlu milk crisis in China, which the magazine compares to European food scandals, such as the dioxin crisis. The author describes how the scandals have resulted in tight European food regulations, implying that ‘traceability’ and ‘quality’ have come to play a key role in any European food company. In that regard, Delaware Consulting’s FAST-Food™ package is put forward as a proven solution to safeguard food safety.

“The strict food legislation in Europe came into force because consumers insisted on food safety,” said Delaware Consulting partner Jan Delaere, who was quoted in the article. “And China will be soon to follow. Today already, all Chinese food products for export to Europe have to meet stringent EU food legislation. Delaware Consulting is bringing its broad SAP expertise and substantial experience with the food industry to China, to help Chinese food companies better control their food chains.”

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