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How to use S4 HANA for your HR Department

How to Use S/4 HANA for your HR Department

What is SAP HR Payroll?

  1. The Impact of S/4 Hana for HR
  2. SAP HCM vs S/4 HANA
  3. How will HR be improved by S/4 HANA?
  4. SAP Modules used for HR

SAP HR Payroll is a module that is used to process the payroll of employees in a particular organization. There are other SAP S/4 HANA modules used for HR purposes, but SAP HR Payroll is one of the most sought after and useful. If you’re using SAP S/4 HANA for your business, you may already have this under your suite.

Payroll is easily integrated with personnel administration, time management, wages, and accounting. It features a data retention function which allows you to use master data and other payroll-related data from Personnel Administration. SAP HR Payroll can be used to calculate gross pay and net pay, including the deductions made during the whole payroll period. This allows for effortless payroll management.

There are other applications and modules in SAP that you can use for your organization. If you want to learn more about S/4 HANA for your HR Department, read more about it below.

The Impact of S4 HANA for HR

The Impact of S/4 HANA for HR

S/4 HANA promises a simplified HR process for all employee data within the organization. It takes out a lot of the guesswork when it comes to basic HR processes, making your HR department much more efficient. Processes such as timesheets, project staffing, resource management, and time confirmation on projects are all part of S/4 HANA. Other modules and suites, especially outdated ones, don’t include this.

Employee Central is a suite that uses all these amazing features. It lets you keep up with the rapid changes in the workforce and professional environment. It’s a module built for the modern workforce and lets you automate HR processes. Employee Central for S/4 HANA gives your HR department the power and speed they need. It can impact how this specific department runs its processes, making other departments much more efficient.



SAP HCM is the next generation of S/4 HANA. This is a bridge solution for HR and Payroll. You may want to deploy this in the future once it’s implemented. It’s meant to target the ongoing concerns S/4 HANA is currently facing. The scope of HR duties goes beyond the basic recruiting process. Organizations need HR to segregate employees based on the department level, payment days, payment details, and much more. SAP HCM is a software that can be used for a wide variety of industries as long as there’s an HR department present within.

How will HR be improved by S4 HANA

How will HR be improved by S/4 HANA?

The functions of S/4 HANA for HR can improve HR core processes with speed and accuracy. Imagine having a much more accurate way to manage your employees and your organization. Here’s what you can expect to improve with S/4 HANA for your HR Departments.

  • Reports

Reports are standard for the HR department. SAP allows you to access these reports within the easy access menu. These reports are organized in a report tree and comprise reports that the HR Manager would need to use within certain areas. This can include headcount, wage type listings, absence reports, and time management. All these reports are ready to access, easily displayed, filtered, and sorted.

  • Human Resources Information System

This is a reporting tool included in SAP HR. You can use this to request reports and create a graphical representation of the entire organization which includes all departments, positions, and employees. You can use this graphic to report on different components like Payroll, Benefits, Time Management, and more. The best part is that you only need to use one screen without switching to another application to collect data.

  • Manager’s Desktop

Manager’s Desktop is another function that let’s HR create reports that also include customer-specific reports. The employee's section on this screen includes reports for general employee information, training, appraisals, and personnel development. Other reports include general employee information, education and training, and performance appraisals.

SAP Modules used for HR

SAP Modules used for HR

There are other modules you can use with SAP for your HR department. SAP S/4 HANA is such a deeply detailed system that it can currently cover all the bases you need. Here are the other modules you can use for your HR department:

  • Organizational Management

Organizational Management is a structured method to make different people work under one platform to achieve a predetermined goal. This can encourage time management and resource management.

  • Personnel Administration

This is a process that manages the human resource of a specific organization. It can automate recruiting, compensation, benefits, new employee orientation, and more. It’s all recorded and tracked as well for future reports.

  • E-Recruitment

E-recruitment is a web-based recruiting process that helps the HR department find and hire new employees. You can find innovative methods of recruitment processes with E-Recruitment for your organization.

  • Time Management

Time management plans, records, and values the performance of the employee for some time. This also factors in the absence and presence of the employee during their tenure. Time management also streamlines attendance management, calculation of wages, and log-in and log-out reports.

Key Takeaway

SAP S/4 HANA allows you to become a better organization. The simple processes included in this suite will allow you to better manage your employees and produce reports much faster. Use SAP S/4 HANA for your HR department and accelerate your organization.