HR/Admin Assistant

Job Overview

Your role is vital to the organization. Your role enables every employee to function with minimal dsruption by ensuring that the facility and any administrative activities of the office is managed perfectly. We need you to be upbeat, excited to greet our employees as they enter the premises and ensure that all the office supplies, cleanliness and all other office related functions are well taken care of. 

Here are some of your responsibilities:

  • Take care of our office – that is a comfortable place to work every day with food, drinks, stationaries available as needed 

  • Help to organize HR events for employee engagement or other purposes. 

  • Help our project work with administrative tasks – managing incoming and outgoing documents 

    and correspondence with clients. Be the owner for local document filing. 

  • Be local support person for our remote finance team: scan, save, and store incoming invoices; print and send-out outgoing ones. Collect and check local client and employee expenses in hard 


  • Be local support person for our remote HR team: coordinate interviews or trainings locally, execute activities that requiring physical presence and onboard employees into the company administratively 

  • Handling the Employment Passes


  • You are a person who gets things done, you are a DOER, and you are comfortable to work in a fast changing and dynamic environment. 

  • You feel at home to work across and support multiple different areas: finance, HR, office management and local projects. 

  • You do not shy away from administrative tasks, but when needed can make the decision. 

  • You have successfully worked in a team and have good communication skills. You’re creative, pro-active, and independent. You are willing to go the extra-mile when needed. 

  • You recognize yourself in our values: respect, care, commitment, team spirit and entrepreneurship

  • You have at least 3 years of relevant experience in similar roles or tasks as listed for your function. You have an excellent communication skill, and you are comfortable with talking to different people across different countries and cultures

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