Prepare for some romance. Here are the best days in the lives of our newcomers.

Oct 20, 2015

August 31, 2015. What a day! More than 50 new colleagues joined our organization. Without any doubt a big step in their lives and a day they’ll never forget. But was it the most beautiful day in their life?

In the past month we conducted in-depth interviews with every one of them. This is how we try to find out the answers to the questions: “Who are you? ”, “What is your passion? ”, “What motivates you?”. We also asked them: “What was the best day of your life up to now?”. This resulted in some interesting insights we would like to share with you.

We are happy to introduce you the new generation of Delaware Consulting!

1. Robin

My name is Robin and I live in Hechtel (Limburg). I graduated as an industrial engineer in electronics/ICT. I have always been interested in the latest technologies and innovations. Besides technology I also like to do sports. Soccer is my main hobby but besides that I also like to jog, ride my bike and swim. When I still have time left after that I (try to) brew my own beer.

Maybe not THE best day of my life, but a damn good one was the day I got my first smartphone. When they first came on the market I really wanted one but I didn’t have any money. I was saving my money for like a year so the day I went to the shop to buy one was over the moon.

2. Louise

I’m Louise and I live in Heule (Kortrijk). I studied business engineering at the KULeuven and I joined the SAP Warehousing team. I’m really looking forward starting my Delaware Consulting adventure. In my spare time I do some sports, like running, cycling, golfing and swimming.

The best day of my life? The day that I got my totem of the ScoutsBefore we got it, we had to do a lot of hard missions, sometimes it was unreachable. But when we got our totem everyone was very happy! It’s something that I still keep in mind.

3. Stéphanie

Hi everyone, my name is Stéphanie and I am now part of the FAST Manufacturing team. In June I graduated as a business engineer at the Ghent University, so Delaware Consulting is my first employer. My specialization was finance, but my interest in the integration of all the company processes let me choose the FAST team. For the moment I live in Evergem, but soon Ghent will be my new hometown.

Instead of the best day of my life, I prefer to talk about the weekend of my life. During my final semester as a student I participated in two business games: one of Delaware Consulting and one of Deloitte. On Friday the 13th of March I obtained the second place at the Delaware Game together with Charlotte and Gilles (also colleagues at Delaware Consulting now :) ). One day later my team won the Deloitte game. I never expected such a good result, so I will definitely never forget it.

4. Quentin

Hello, my name is Quentin and I joined the SAP Procurement team. I am from Brussels and graduated from ICHEC in June 2014 as a business engineer. Beginning of 2015 I followed a training of SAP (SD, FI and BOWI) for a few months. It gave me an idea of what I was getting into and I am glad to start my career at Delaware Consulting.

In my spare time I try to run and swim to release the accumulated stress. My weekends are successful when I see my friends from university and go for a beer with them. I also enjoy playing League of Legends (video game) when I really have time to do so.

After my last year of secondary school I decided to do another senior year in the United States (2008-2009).  Before leaving for my foster family, the organization I went with organized a 3-day vacation in New York. Those were the best days as I could share all my thoughts and eagerness to the others who were participating in the same experience as me.

5. Jonas

Hi everyone, I am Jonas and am happy to join the AX finance team! I am a business economics & management graduate (VUB & HUB) with a specialization in international business. I live in Affligem, which you will probably remember the next time you have to drive to Brussels in the morning, but preferably also when you drink one of our tasty beers!

I love travelling, practicing sports (swimming, football,..) or just going for some drinks.

Tring to decide what the best day of my life was until now, I’m blessed to have a lot of options. Still, I hope that the best one is yet to come!  Nevertheless, here are some highlights: sailing a 144-meter long ship on the Atlantic Ocean by myself, carnival in Rio, a friend’s birthday in Lisbon…

6. Evert

I am Evert and I live in Brecht. Last year, I graduated as a business engineer, and I recently joined Delaware Consulting, more specifically the SAP Procurement team. In my spare time I like to watch sports (mainly football) and I attempt to cycle every now and then. I am also passionate about music (mainly listening), media and culture in general (travelling, reading, concerts, …).

One of the best days of my life was the last day of my last summer camp of the youth movement where I used to be a leader. We had an amazing summer camp and during the last evening we got a really nice and funny farewell, organized by our members. That day I realized that I had a really amazing childhood and youth. It was amazing to experience so much friendship and respect from everyone in my environment.

7. Geoffrey

Hey all, I’m Geoffrey, I live in Ghent near the Watersportbaan. I earned a bachelor’s degree in electronics-IT specialization IT & networking and a postgraduate in IT management (which is not finished yet). In my free time I like to dine with some friends, I’m passionate about cars and everything that moves fast. I also try to follow the races of my favorite F1 drivers (Hamilton & rising talent Max Verstappen). I joined the MS Infrastructure team.

The best day of my life? Obviously, the first day I met my current girlfriend. We arranged to go to the cinema. I went there by bus, and after the movie I escorted her to the train station. However, I wasn’t keeping track of time and missed the last bus home. I had to walk 75 minutes until I got home. My cellphone’s battery had died so I couldn’t call anybody to come and get me…  But after all, it was a nice day!

8. Matthias

I am Matthias and I live in Nederhasselt, a small town in Ninove. I have a bachelor’s degree in applied computer sciences and I joined the SAP BC team. I like most sports and I’m interested in technology. I also like good movies and TV series. My favorite filmmaker is Christopher Nolan.

In December 2014, I went to London for 1 day to attend the World Premiere of “Exodus: Gods and Kings”. Part of the movie cast was there and I met Christian Bale, who is one of my favorite actors. After meeting the cast I enjoyed the movie and then slept in a very nice hotel. The whole trip was paid by 20th Century Fox as I was a winner of their contest.

9. Mathias

My name is Mathias, I’m 22 years old and I live in Lokeren. I have a background in commercial sciences, strategic Management – UGent. I love playing and watching soccer and I’m a real supporter of the best team in Belgium: KAA Gent. I recently joined the SAP Logistics – Warehousing team and I’m very eager to gain experience and knowledge in SAP!

My best day up to now was the day that KAA Gent won the Belgian Jupiler Pro League! It was the first time KAA Gent became the champion in the first division. The celebration was intense and lasted very long!

10. Stijn

Hello, I’m Stijn. I would describe myself as an enthusiastic, social person who wants to achieve certain things in life. This makes me an ambitious, eager to learn and a challenging personality. I’m always ready to help someone, so if you have a problem with something I can help you with, do ask me.

One of the best days of my life was when I bought my first car. A Volkswagen Golf Plus. It was a great car to drive and my first car ever. Of course, when times are going good, evil is just lurking around the corner. The day after something in my engine broke down and it costed me almost € 2000 euro to repair … One of the best days was followed by one of the worst …

11. Anthony

I’m Anthony and I currently live in Brasschaat. I earned a bachelor’s degree in multimedia and communication technology, and also in information management. I’m very excited to join Delaware Consulting as an SAP BI analyst! I recently started to run so if anyone wants to anticipate together in an upcoming event (10-15km) don’t hesitate to ask me. I also love adventure, travelling, going to the movies and mixology.

The most beautiful day of my life is without any doubt the day I was working as a student at the candy shop in Kinepolis Antwerp. We had to wear a Batman T-shirt because of the movie premiere. A girl asked if she could buy the shirt in the store. When I said “no”, she insisted on me giving her my shirt. I wrote down my phone number on the receipt. A few days later she called and we’re together ever since.

Ahhh, those days… *Sigh* Do you remember? Feel free to share with us your best day in life up to now!

Author: Jasper Van Mullem. You can follow Jasper on Twitter (@jasper_vm) or connect with him on LinkedIn 

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