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business consultancy

Business Consultancy helps organizations work more efficiently and get a better grip on their operations by finding the causes of bottlenecks in processes and systems and providing solutions for them.
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information management

IM includes all activities aimed at managing information flows within an organization. This includes collecting, storing, analyzing and sharing data and information.
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cloud infrastructure services

Cloud Infrastructure Services are services offered by delaware to help organizations set up and manage their cloud infrastructure. This includes cloud storage, cloud computing and virtualization solutions.
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sap s/4hana migration

SAP S/4HANA Migration is a migration and upgrade solution for the SAP ERP software. It is designed to help organizations upgrade their ERP system to the latest SAP version and help them take advantage of new features and benefits.
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by aligning interactions design, event-based communication and customer data, businesses can innovate and focus on exactly the right moments in the customer journey and deliver an effortless experience


Automation reduces food safety risks

As a food producer, you want to be able to respond quickly and effectively to food safety risks. Maarten Cordenier, partner at delaware and expert in the field of Food, was interviewed on this topic for "Vakblad Voedingsindustrie”. In his new column, Maarten shares his vision on how automation can contribute to food safety. read more

The key to innovation

Together we can achieve more than alone. Companies can optimize collaboration within their supply chain by using real-time data exchange between suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers. In the column 'The key to innovation,' Roy Meenderink, our expert in the field of Food, shares his vision about data sharing. read more

Forecasting is a human endeavour

Um... forecasting is a human job? You have tools for that, don't you? Yes, but they are only effective if we (as humans) think about this process first. Moreover, forecasting is only a part of the complete S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning). Maybe you use dummy sales orders as forecasts in a system, but what is the use of this without consulting your colleagues in production and purchasing? Marketing campaigns, seasonal products, inflation; they all have an impact. read more

Making your business processes more sustainable

Sustainable business is currently one of the biggest challenges for a food company. Our expert on Food, Roy Meenderink, was interviewed on this topic for Food Industry magazine. In the column "Pijnpunten aanstippen" Roy explains how sustainability goes hand-in-hand with cost savings. read more