SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises

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Sustainability is now a critical pillar of every business’s strategy. Failure to address it is not just bad for the planet – it’s also bad for your organisation. The stark conclusion of a delaware round-table discussion was that companies failing to engage with sustainability could be out of business in just 5 to 10 years. If you’re not already doing so, sustainability requires your investment - right now.

Done properly, this should be a real commercial opportunity that will futureproof and grow your business – not just a box-ticking exercise. 

Our expertise, combined with SAP’s technology, offers effective, user-friendly solutions which could enhance your competitive edge, expand your market share and boost profitability - as well as transforming your business model to be fully sustainable. 

We will work closely with you to ensure a seamless and sustainable transformation. We’ll plan your unique roadmap, execute and closely monitor implementation, and maximise adoption processes. So you benefit from optimal impact and return whilst keeping costs, downtime and disruption to a minimum.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises

Whichever path to sustainability you choose, we’ll help you get there seamlessly and effectively – achieving maximum impact with minimum disruption. We’re a proven sustainability partner, meaning we can guide your business through all stages of your transformation journey; from planning and execution right through to adoption and post ‘go live’ progress monitoring. We've got you covered.

Having been at the forefront of the growing movement towards delivering business sustainably for a while, our knowhow will help you get full return on your investment, and anticipate, avoid or overcome any pitfalls along the way.

Partnering with SAP, the sustainability management solutions we deliver are comprehensive: embedding operations, experience, and financial insights into your core business processes.

  • Full compliance - Environment, social governance (ESG) reporting

Get peace of mind that your company’s conforming fully with the latest regulations in your marketplace(s) and meeting your own corporate obligations.

  • Zero emissions - Climate action

Reduce the carbon footprint of your entire value chain. Get regular real time insight on your emissions and product footprints across your whole product lifecycle.

  • Zero waste - Circular economy

Incorporate circularity into your supply chain and create corporate sustainability models. Identify greenest, most ethical partners and supply choices.

  • Zero inequality - Social responsibility

Understand the impact of your business on people and society. Comprehensive, responsible supply chain tracking.

It's all about the data

With SAP's Sustainability Control Tower you can embed sustainability into your business processes, allowing you to establish robust, accurate, actionable ESG reports. 

  • Accurate recording: Predefined data models & calculations mean you can harmonise, allocate, and calculate granular sustainability KPIs according to established structures from finance, HR, and operations.
  • Transparent reporting: Understand your sustainability performance in relation to different areas across your business and easily map results to multiple ESG standards with pre-defined sustainability metrics. 
  • Actionable results: Clarity of data and concise, targeted reporting allows you to gain actionable insights into your core processes, forecast outcomes, set achievable targets and analyse scenarios in detail - embedding sustainability into your key businesses processes, across all areas of your business.

Given that SAP software touches 90% of day to day commerce globally, the sustainability control tower offers you access to these insights and integrates into live SAP systems offering a comprehensive advantage hardly found in other solutions.

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