How to find your missing bird? With a single source of truth!

Dec 10, 2015
Excel sheets everywhere. Various versions of these spreadsheets. A huge amount of information in the heads of your employees. Do you also struggle to find the right information, in a time-efficient way?
Your data is there, but it is missing? Our customers Aveve and Bru Textiles also coped with this issue. With a Single Source of Truth implementation, they became more efficient. In their testimonials, Inge Huypens (Aveve) and Koen Van Mol (Bru Textiles) tell you what their true struggle was, how technology helped them to take a huge next step, and what they still see as opportunities for the future.

Have a look at the recording of our interactive webinar on the Single Source of Truth, which we organized early December.

 Author: Isabelle Declercq. You can connect with Isabelle on LinkedIn