Delaware Consulting opens new office in Ghent

Kortrijk, 12 April 2016  – At the beginning of the year, service provider Delaware Consulting moved into new offices in Ghent. Delaware Consulting Belgium already had three offices: the head office in Kortrijk and regional offices in Antwerp and Waver.

Delaware Consulting’s ‘new place’ lies within the iconic ‘Blue Towers’ in Ghent, right next to the Ghelamco arena. Delaware Consulting Ghent is next to a junction of access roads and the buildings have the same modern and dynamic aura as the company itself. The office has a modern interior, with project spaces, silence rooms, videoconferencing facilities and ergonomic workplaces. On the two floors, there is space for about 170 staff. 
“An analysis of our personnel revealed that nearly 40% of our staff live in the province of East-Flanders,” says Patrick Andersen, managing partner of Delaware Consulting Belgium. “So it was only logical, we thought, to offer our people a place to work midway between our existing offices in Kortrijk and Antwerp. Delaware Consulting is very sympathetic towards the ‘work-life balance’, so we’re taking the initiative to reduce the commuting involved for our people. In addition, thanks to the new office’s location, we’re now closer to several of our customers; that, too, is a key part of our strategy.”
Delaware Consulting’s ‘new place’ lies within the iconic ‘Blue Towers’ in Ghent, right next to the Ghelamco arena.
This expansion in the number of branches of Delaware Consulting dovetails perfectly with the company’s expansion strategy. This year, the company, at its Belgian offices, is aiming to hire about 150 new colleagues.