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What is your organization striving to achieve?

Greater agility? Competitive advantage? Digital transformation? Faster and better decision making? More integrated processes? Better governance?

The list of wants and needs can be endless, but in this digital age, what approach should you be taking to support your company for the longer-term?

How will the decisions you make today shape the future of your organization?

At delaware, we work closely with our clients to enable enterprise-wide digital transformation. Across the globe, our consultants can help you to transform your organization with opentext’s Information Management technologies, delivering benefits quicker through our proven rapid implementation methodologies and real delivery experience.

Extended ECM

Break your silos and connect data and information throughout your processes. This sets the basis for a solid and profound information strategy.

Document Presentment

Customer centricity is key in this modern age. Enhance your communication touchpoints through personalized, multi-channel messaging.

BPM - AppWorks

Have you ever stopped to think with BPM can mean for you? Harmonize your processes and leverage orchestration to achieve operational excellence today!

Emerging Technologies

Artificial intelligence and blockchain are reshaping the EIM industry. They imply a change in our way of working and thinking and provide solutions for new and old challenges.

Creating an intelligent future

Across the globe, delaware is accelerating the realization of benefits for clients implementing opentext technology , through its proven rapid implementation methodologies and real delivery experience gained on over 150 implementations of the various solutions in the portfolio.

As pioneers on the Extended ECM domain and building on our vast industry experience, gained from the implementation of SAP and Microsoft ERP, we are so much more than a system integrator. We advise our customers on all aspects from beginning until closure and guide them to new heights in their information maturity level.

Why delaware?

  • Proven experience & customer success

  • Innovation

  • International presence

  • Industry knowledge & expertise

  • Our opentext, SAP & Microsoft partner level

Industry focus

Industry focus

About delaware

delaware is a fast-growing, global company that delivers advanced solutions and services to organizations striving for a sustainable, competitive advantage.

We guide our customers through their business transformation, applying the ecosystems of our main business partners, SAP and Microsoft. We continue to service our customers afterwards, assuring continuity and continuous improvement.

In all perspectives, we apply our own sustainable business model that aims for the long-term. Our future leaders are already among us. They drive our clients’ success, shaping them to stand out today and preparing them for tomorrow.