SAP Project Manager

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Even if you get to work with the best tools, systems and teams, you - and we too - know that each project needs a captain at the helm. A captain who makes sure that everyone knows their role in the project, keeps everything moving in the right direction, has a great helicopter view and helps everyone to meet the deadlines and budget.

As a project manager, you are crucial to the success of a project.

Great project management is what makes delaware stand out. And it’s how we became SAP’s biggest implementation partner in Belgium and Luxembourg. But to help our customers even better, we need you.

Are you ready to help us join all the dots on our SAP projects?

What will you be doing as a SAP Project Manager?

  • As project leader at delaware, you are involved from A to Z. Well, actually from analysis, blueprinting, customizing, documentation and training, up until the ‘go live’ and support. OK, admittedly, that’s from A to S, but you get what we mean. You’ll also get to do some pre-sales work. In other words, with the help of a sales team you will try to convince customers to work with us for SAP projects, as well as negotiate the contract parts related to project organization. Never a dull moment!
  • We are sure that being involved from the very start will also help you to choose the right project methodology. Agile? Waterfall? Or no certified methodology at all? You get to decide what is best for each specific case.
  • Your motto? A good preparation is half the work. To make sure that everything is ready when it should be, you are in charge of budgeting and planning time and resources.
  • Good news or (let’s not hope too often) bad news? You’ll be the first point of contact for customers and delaware colleagues alike. They will also turn to you for expert advice and regular updates on progress and deadlines.
  • Green field implementations? Check! Conversion projects? Double check. Customers in a broad array of industries? Triple check. Well, it’s safe to say that you’ll get a lot of variety in your role. Ready to start juggling?
  • As a project manager, you’ll build bridges. Not only between the teams of delaware but also between delaware and the customer. You can easily change hat and use more technical language with our teams, and more commercial language with our customers. Your main mission? Smooth and close collaboration, communication and clear roles for everyone on the project.

It is highly likely that we are implementing a delaware solution in your area right now. Currently, we have offices in Luxembourg (Belval), Wallonia (Wavre, Liège) and Flanders (Gent, Antwerpen, Kortrijk and Lummen).

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Nathalie Vyt

Do you have what it takes to become a delaware SAP Project Manager?

  • Do you have more than 7 years of professional experience as an SAP consultant? That’s great. But for this role, you would need to have at least 5 years of experience within SAP Logistics modules too.
  • Do you happen to know a thing or two about S/4 HANA? That will definitely come in handy for this job.
  • Is project management in your blood? Do you like to be in the driver’s seat from start to finish? Being hands-on and pragmatic is more important to us than correctly applying certified project management methodologies. As an SAP project manager, you will need to shift gears quickly. Fasten your seatbelt!
  • Are you fluent in French or German and English? That’s great.
  • Do you have a sharp, analytical mind? As a great listener and communicator, you know how to strip messages to the core. In other words, when your customer or colleagues can’t see the woods for the trees, you restore focus.
  • And last but not least… do our company values appeal to you? We take care of our employees and customers, we are committed, enterprising and respectful, and we do everything based on a positive team spirit.

Want to discover more?

You can get a sense of what it’s like to work for us here, but we’re even nicer in real life!

So come and see us in Luxembourg or Belgium.


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