Rémi Dubois and Mathieu Roth both share a passion for data

May 11, 2020

Rémi and Mathieu both work in the delaware Data & Analytics domain. There, more than 80 consultants work in close relationship with their customers on data management, data visualization, data analytics, data science, data governance and so on. Have a look at their journey!

Rémi Dubois and Mathieu Roth both share a passion for data

Rémi is part of the brand-new Enabling Insights team within the domain. “Data visualization, data literacy and data consumption is our main focus”, explains Rémi. “We develop interactive reports and dashboards to improve data-driven decisions in all parts of the organization”. As a recently graduated Industrial Engineer, the knowledge and interest in UX and front-end development made Rémi a true asset to the team. “Consulting is a way for me to constantly learn and improve my technical and people skills.” But his entrepreneurial spirit, motivation and enthusiasm for the position definitely made the difference. 

A start-up spirit within delaware

“Everyone’s input and ideas count on how we can further grow our business as a start-up team. Together with my team lead and colleagues we constantly work on new ideas on how to better position ourselves in the market. To stand-out from the crowd, we use self-developed card games to get more out of customer workshops or organize online trainings for our customers on the delaware learning platform”.

Being part of a small and young team really works for Rémi

“Although we’re working from different (office) locations, and currently I’m the only consultant working from Wavre, we always keep close contact and are really involved in everything that’s happening within our team and within the domain. Every month we make time for war rooms (a half or full day where the whole team works together in one meeting room) or lunches to exchange ideas, discuss new technologies and keep up to date with everything that’s currently happening in and beyond the market”.

Making time for fun and team activities

“We have put together a running group, organize game lunches and so on. Beyond our team we also share the latest news with our domain colleagues via Microsoft Teams”. Luckily, in these COVID-19 times, working from home doesn’t mean the team works alone. "We are digitally united and give all our team activities an online twist, which is great to keep connected".

We are digitally united and give all our team activities an online twist, which is great to keep connected.

Experienced delaware Lead Experts coach young or new colleagues

Mathieu Roth is a Lead Expert in the SAP Analytics team, and has been at delaware for 9 years now. Together with his team and domain colleagues he closely works alongside customers to collect data from different systems, trying to discover trends and make solid analyses via SAP technology. “A big part of my job is to work with the customer to build data-centric solutions and share my knowledge and feedback. Additionally, I’m a coach and try to involve our more junior colleagues as much as possible during the projects, and train them in delaware bootcamps or at customer sites. 

Incidentally, Mathieu is Rémi’s coach at delaware

“Rémi and I both work at the delaware office in Wavre as data consultants. So, from time to time we have a chat or I just pass by and discuss what he’s currently working on or struggling with. This way, we even became close friends, and now and then, we go climbing together”. Mathieu’s experience and solid knowledge on data and delaware’s way of working made him a suitable candidate to become a coach within the domain. “Of course, you’re not obliged to take up this role if you don’t want to. But, if you decide to take the leap, delaware definitely provides the necessary trainings to sharpen your coaching and soft skills”.

Coaching never stops

Even in these COVID-19 times, Mathieu organizes virtual meetings for his team and contacts his team members via phone or chat. “This way, I always try to be there for my colleagues and support them during customer tasks or other delaware activities”.

What’s the best thing about being a coach?

For Mathieu that’s quite clear. “It is to see people in the team growing day by day and support them making the next steps in their career”. And these efforts definitely pay off. “One of the juniors I coached a few years ago, is now taking the lead in how we can incorporate new SAP technologies into our upcoming projects. Also our current Team Lead is someone I trained when he joined delaware”.

Eager to read more?

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Do you have what it takes to become a Data Analytics consultant? Rémi & Mathieu give you some insights on the need-to-have skills or motivations:

  • Be creative and innovative. Dare to speak up and share your ideas. You will get the time and space to work on it! Your agile and just-do-it mentality will do the rest.
  • Be open to learn new things. Data is such a young discipline with a lot to discover. We help and support each other to upgrade our technical and people skills.
  • Be a team member. Although not seeing each other physically every day, we’re still there for each other.