The recruitment process: four beliefs for a worthwhile journey #part2

Apr 23, 2019

For four weeks, we're sharing with you what it's like to apply at delaware. This week, we're taking a closer look at our belief to make the recruitment process human again! Missed our first blog, no worries, read it here!

Belief n°2: Make the recruitment process human again! 

Believing in candidate-centricity also means looking at each candidate as a person, and not just another résumé. During every step of the process we emphasize the fact that we are not simply looking for more resources, but for a new colleague!  

No assessments overload. For now, we don’t usetesting & assessment in every step of our recruitment process.We feel we are able to find the right people by meeting them face to face and talking to them. However, we believe that technology has an important role to play for assessments in the near future. Just an old fashioned CV might not do the trick anymore, we are convinced that there will be more modern ways to show yourself. The résumé as we know it today could be replaced by something that lies in between assessments and a classic CV, mainly influenced by technology.

2-way street. Communicating and connecting with each other is what makes us human. During an interview with a potential new delawarian we will always prefer dialogue over monologue. We believe it’s equally important that we share our story with you, as that we listen to yours. This is the only way in which we can find out if we can offer you what you are looking for,by sharing insights & aspirations.

Let’s meet. Even though we are a technology company, we prefer personal contact over video-assisted interviews when it comes to recruitment. When it’s really not possible or feasible (maybe you’re on Erasmus) we will of course switch to a video or phone call, but nothing beats sitting together, sharing a coffee and getting to know each other.

Might sound a bit like a date, but isn’t applying just falling in love with a company 🙂?

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 The delaware recruitment process was different from others, more at ease and the first contact really felt like a conversation instead of an interrogation.
 Contrary to other employers, I really had the feeling that the most important thing was a matching personality with the company and the team, and a passion for technology and innovation.

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