Meet Julie Hoste: Technical consultant with an eye for the bigger business picture

Dec 09, 2019

Julie Hoste has a couple of years’ experience working in the Microsoft Integration team. As an Integration Consultant, Julie delivers end-to-end integration projects for well-known customers. What’s that like?


From business management to development

Julie Hoste started her career at delaware in 2015 after graduating in business management and specializing as a developer. A fellow student introduced her to the company: “I was intrigued by consultancy and I still am, not in the least thanks to the enormous variety in projects every day. In addition, delaware is an international company with a lot of opportunities to grow your career and expand your skills.” 

Since 2015, her team grew a lot and had to deal with the growing pains of a thriving team: “The first few months were quite hectic, as we didn’t have enough resources yet for training. I took this opportunity to educate myself and from this research we eventually made the training material for our new starters. Now, we are a flexible and well-coordinated team and we decide between us who takes the lead in which part of each customer project.”

Growing together

Julie is convinced that you can learn – or teach – something new every day. Her team works in several of the delaware offices (Kortrijk, Ghent and Antwerp) and on-site with customers, so they make an effort to get together with the whole team every Friday to share ideas, questions and answers. “You never start alone. A new colleague always works side by side with a consultant or senior consultant on a project so they can ask questions,” explains Julie. During ‘Deep Dive’ sessions the Microsoft Integration team also discuss new functionalities, research projects and tips and tricks.

I’d like to grow in a role where I support the team based on my experience and my people management skills.
Julie Hoste, integration consultant

Working from A to Z

At delaware you’re never on your own. Julie jumped in at the deep end right from the beginning when she had the opportunity to learn while working on a customer’s project. “That was challenging at the start, but I’m grateful we’re given opportunities to think out and develop end-to-end processes,” she adds. Julie now works with well-known customers like Rode Kruis Vlaanderen, Vandewiele and Karel de Grote Hogeschool. She helps them map their actual needs, proposes matching solutions and architecturally reviews the solutions if necessary. 

In the future, Julie wants to focus on expanding her experience and knowledge within the Microsoft Integration Team. “In the long run, I would like to help the team with my experience, provide support in terms of resources and planning, and be a confidential adviser for my colleagues.”

Some words of advice

“My advice for anybody who’s just embarking on their career at delaware? In the beginning it can seem like a lot to take in, but every new job is challenging so don't let that scare you off. You learn the fastest by figuring things out for yourself and the most by relying on the experience of others. Try to learn from constructive feedback of your experienced colleagues and be confident enough to teach yourself new skills and help customers with your own expertise.” 

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