There is something about our Microsoft Dynamics colleagues

Jun 15, 2020

If you ask our colleagues from the Microsoft Dynamics team what it means to work for delaware, they all agree on one thing: delaware offers its people plenty of opportunites to grow. There is a really cool vibe within the organization, and not only because of the fun after-work activities. It’s the work that gives them the most satisfaction.

No one-trick ponies

Paulo Bamba joined delaware in January: “Before that, I also worked as a CRM consultant, but what makes delaware stand out is its long-term vision, the broad helicopter view it takes toward IT and the opportunities it gives people to grow. This also implies that you are pushed outside of your comfort zone, but that is just what I was looking for. In my previous job, the role of consultant was narrowed down to working on customer projects. Today I combine my consulting tasks with project management and presales activities. Also, by being a single point of contact for my customers, I am involved much more closely in my projects.”

Getting started at delaware went very smoothly for Paulo: “It was a nice surprise to be welcomed by Patrick Andersen himself on the first day. After that, I received my phone and laptop – all ready  for use to get started. The next days were about getting to know the offering, the team and my first project, but what I appreciated most is that my team lead and I immediately started discussing my development opportunities and expectations. For me, that shows that delaware really supports me in becoming my best possible self.”

working together on projects in different teams that consist of people with different backgrounds and experiences is such an enriching adventure

Being a Belgian company working in an international context, delaware offers additional opportunities as well. For Sophie Kreins, this was one of the main arguments as to why she chose to start at delaware four years ago. “No two days are the same. I work on multiple projects, each of them with specific challenges. One day I am preparing a training session for key users, while the next I am configuring an invoice processing solution or coaching a junior colleague in writing a blueprint document.”

“Simultaneously, I combine working at the customer site and remotely, and can basically organize my work autonomously. At delaware, we get a lot of trust and many opportunities to develop ourselves. I still learn new things every day. Working together on projects in different teams that consist of people with different backgrounds and experiences is such an enriching adventure. We switch between projects, colleagues and even between languages all the time. There is no risk of getting stuck in one single task or role when you work at delaware.”

we have an impact… and we love it!

But isn’t working in IT a little bit dull from time to time? “Not at all”, says Sophie. “If you tell people that you work in IT, it may sound boring and complex. But IT is such a broad domain. There is so much more than coding. Especially in our role, since we build bridges between business and IT to make our customers successful. We bring added value and really have an impact on our customers, and that stimulates us to work hard and to deliver what we promise.”

Sophie Kreins

Corona: working alone but staying connected

Both in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the ERP teams, people work either at the customer or at one of the delaware offices, but that doesn’t keep them from reaching out to each other. “Of course, now with the Corona measures in place, we all work from home. But we keep in touch. Be it informally by sending silly jokes via Whatsapp or sharing experiences and lessons learned from our projects through remote team meetings. I normally work at the Wavre office, together with five other colleagues from my team. Within delaware, the Wavre office is known for its barbecues during lunch breaks in the summer, so I guess that says it all when it comes to the atmosphere at work”, adds Paulo. 

With one of the Dynamics ERP projects approaching the go-live, Corona couldn’t have come at a worse moment. “But by collaborating closely with our customer and having an open discussion about the different options, we managed to continue the project and prepare the go-live remotely. That is once again proof of the entrepreneurship and enthusiasm we have at delaware. We build solid partnerships with our customers and work hard to deliver”, concludes Sophie.

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