5 things you didn't know about the EIM team at delaware

Nov 23, 2020

Information is the bedrock of the digital economy. It helps customers improve efficiencies, redefine business models and transform industries. IT teams work tirelessly on organizing content, improving the findability of information, monitoring applications and storing information safely. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions help manage the creation, capture and use of structured and unstructured information.

At delaware, our EIM team has been an integral part of our offering since late 2008, when it was still called Delaware Information Solutions (DIS). Since then, this young crew has grown into a diverse team of over 35 colleagues in Belgium, with a steady influx of several junior profiles each year. The EIM team has a lot of recent accomplishments to share, so Marjolein Van Hecke, EIM Consultant, and Lesly Janssens, Senior Manager and Solution Lead, sat down with us to discuss the most exciting news.

1. Valued OpenText partner

Recently, the delaware EIM team became a Gold Partner of OpenText, the world leader in Enterprise Information Management, both on-premise and for cloud services. “This honor is an acknowledgement of the strong position delaware holds in the international EIM market”, Lesly proudly mentions. “Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with OpenText, we got the opportunity to not only give feedback on their software from our customers experiences, but also shape the roadmap to any future releases.” To this effect, the delaware EIM team recently had the privilege of participating in an international beta-test for an entirely new OpenText product line.

2. Major telco deal with Proximus

Another exciting win hot off the press, is the largest telco deal to date for the EIM team in Belgium. Proximus, the biggest Belgian telecommunications company, has chosen the OpenText solution of delaware to support the new digital communication strategy. Lesly is particularly enthusiastic: “Yearly, delaware will help Proximus process and deliver more than 180 million messages to their customers. This major telco project is the first of its kind for our EIM team, but follows in a long line of important international clients, such as British Petroleum (BP) and Shell.”

3. Strong international footprint

The previously mentioned deals with important software partners and customers are made possible by collaborating with delaware EIM teams from other countries. “Especially the cooperation with the Netherlands, France and Luxemburg”, Lesly adds, “made it possible to aim for and eventually win several international information management projects.” It provides the scale to grow the delaware EIM offering not only in Europe, but also in other parts of the world.

In the past, the team has done several EIM projects in Dubai, the UAE, and is currently active in Australia as well. Marjolein is also a great supporter of international cooperation: “It is the best way to learn from other cultures and ways of working, while sharing our own knowledge and experience. And I also wouldn’t mind working abroad for a few weeks if the opportunity should present itself.”

4. A close-knit group of friends

The successes of our EIM team are the result of a strong connection between colleagues, on and off the work floor. The majority of this team is still quite young, but they can count on the expertise of several senior coworkers to aim their youthful enthusiasm towards creating cutting-edge solutions for their clients. “We have a lot of passionate people who will go the extra mile for each other,” Marjolein says. “These connections are very dear to me because you always know you have someone to rely and fall back on when things get difficult.”

“Our group dynamic is indeed crucial to the team”, Lesly agrees. “We try to support spontaneous initiatives to get together, such as Friday night drinks, while organizing our official team events in the same, easy-going manner. For instance, factual presentations are always followed with drinks or pizzas and the motto for our yearly team weekend is ‘the crazier, the better’.” Even as COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in the works, the team is keeping in touch with frequent ‘how are you doing’-calls and virtual team meetings.

5. Big plans for the future

Lesly has big ambitions for the future of his team: “It would be the ultimate dream to become recognized as a Global System Integrator (GSI) for OpenText. But first we need to grow and gain more international renown as part of the international delaware Group.” To achieve this, the EIM team will continue collaborating with foreign colleagues and keep its eyes open for any international opportunities that may come his way. “I am convinced that we have the right people, tools and expertise to make our EIM team into an international success story” Lesly concludes. “We can offer a unique one-stop-shop EIM solution, from business consulting, to infrastructure implementation and integration of managed services.”

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