10 HR Technology Consultants share what makes them happy at delaware

Apr 11, 2019

You know those little things that make your day shine? A kind word, a helping hand, a new challenge, a sweet treat or those nice pastries that make your Monday a better day.

Obviously, it is important to enjoy your job. But what actually makes people love what they do? With this in mind, we asked 10 of our HR Technology Consultants how they find happiness in their jobs at delaware. If you want to find out what they had to say, read on!  

Family friendly company

“Work-life balance is not just a theory, we actively work on the well-being of every employee, supporting them in the different challenges and phases of their professional and private lives. Speaking of which, whether you live in the east, the west or the south, you always have a delaware office nearby where you can meet up with your colleagues.” – Kristof

“I enjoy working at delaware because it is a family-friendly company in which the work/life balance is respected. Our team is full of young people, we have a lot of fun, both in and outside of work. Furthermore, we get the opportunity to work at several clients for various projects which change quite frequently. You never get tired of being a consultant, as there is always a new challenge in the near future.” – Katrien

10 HR Technology Consultants share what makes them happy at delaware

10 HR Technology Consultants share what makes them happy at delaware

Entrepreneurial spirit

“I like to work for an innovative company: artificial intelligence, chatbots, cloud, virtual reality, etc. Innovation is in delaware’s DNA. Since joining delaware, I have had many opportunities to develop my consulting skills on different challenging projects.” – Katrijn

“Thanks to our broad offering, you can develop your career in any direction, from integration and technology to business development, marketing, change and communication and many more. You are in the driver’s seat!” – Kristof

“I enjoy working for delaware because of the diversity in my daily job. I see different clients, work on different projects, and spend time with different colleagues every day, and I enjoy the dynamics and flexibility of that. I recently started at delaware and my direct and indirect colleagues gave me a warm welcome from the start. I did not have the feeling that I was one out of many starters. Also, the entrepreneurial spirit within the organization appeals to me. There is always a vibe of exploring new ideas and co-creation.” – Melissa

10 HR Technology Consultants share what makes them happy at delaware

Safe and stable environment

“delaware allows you to grow with a team and take initiative in a safe, stable environment. You learn from experts and entrepreneurs who have gone before you. Also, commitment means a lot to delaware. My experience of this commitment to both its people and clients has been great.” – Steven

“There is a time and place to explore new territories, acquire new skills, make mistakes and learn from them. In addition to the serious aspects of our job, there is still room to keep things light too: not a day goes by without a laugh.” – Koen

No-nonsense culture

“I like the no-nonsense culture and the freedom and trust I get from my team lead and colleagues. You can count on their experience and advice, sharing feedback in an honest and open way. We are working in an atmosphere that allows us to always search for more efficiency and better ways of working. Last but not least, the fact that there is time for training, fun (did I mention we went on an awesome ski trip with the entire team?) and my family and friends definitely stand out.” – Lien

Always ready to help out each other

Working at delaware means a good atmosphere between colleagues and a lot of freedom. Flexible working hours, home office, and a whole net of offices to choose from. I also love the open team mentality and how approachable all my colleagues are: I can easily ask my team, my manager, HR or other teams for help, and that support system is the greatest feeling. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, you never face it alone!” – Dominika

I enjoy the ambiance at delaware, we experience real teamwork: sharing information, learning together, working at the client as a team, etc. Even when everyone is really busy, each member of the team is still ready to help out other colleagues and especially junior colleagues like me. 😊 Also, the projects are very interesting and you learn a lot from your senior colleagues.” – Arnaud

“Even on the grumpiest of mornings or when you get frustrating emails, your colleagues are there to lift your spirits with a joke or a well-deserved break to help take your mind of things.” – Marie

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