delaware consulting for Information Management

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Every company is an information company


It doesn’t matter if you are handling a purchasing process, managing assets, performing maintenance or managing contracts. Every plan, every meeting, every interaction consumes and creates information. 

Processes drive an organization. From sales to payroll, from purchasing to maintenance all activities are driven by processes.Growth and innovation became more dependent on having the right information available in the context of a process. 

delaware integrates OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management (xECM) with important applications like SAP ERP, Oracle E-Business Suite and Microsoft SharePoint. delaware brings the best of both worlds together in “one single source of truth”. When delaware implements xECM, an organization gets the opportunity to optimize,  innovate and digitally transform processes.


A revolutionary approach to ECM which:


  • Creates one single source of truth, information is presented in the context of a business process
  • Manages content throughout the life-cycle and complies with internal and external regulations
  • Facilitates process optimization in order to improve insights and transparency
  • Automatically uses meta-data and classifies so all users can quickly find reliable information.
  • From unstructured information to searchable structured data
  • Creating a better user experience within the application of preference

“users have access to everything they need, from a single application, typically with just a few clicks.”

Mirjam Weima, Alliander B.V.