Data and Analytics

Data is the new gold, but how to unearth and refine it? 

In this age of rapid technology innovation, cloud and IoT, there is so much data available that should allow us to make ever smarter decisions.

But the story that we live every day tells us that these brontobytes worth of data are so hard to turn into the information and actions we really need. We struggle with gathering the data, cleaning and consolidating it and have trouble putting it to action.

Luckily, some great technology is available to support us in this effort. But technology will only bring us part of the way. Also people and processes need to be aligned. 

Our insights teams guide companies in becoming data driven organizations by

  • Connecting people and technology
  • Making sense of complex data realities
  • Putting data to work
  • Adding (artificial) intelligence to make businesses smarter
top performers are investing in analytics, not ERP
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A story of different dimensions

We always leverage our experience across many business domains and source systems to design the most optimal solution.

There is no silver bullet solution for any data & analytics question.

That is why we design and build platforms answering questions from the operational up to the strategic level, provide both very flexible, small-scale solutions and enterprise wide deployments and combine skills around both data integration, data management, data visualization and data science.

For a lot of scenarios, we even have worked out templates that can be used to jumpstart projects and deliver value in a short timeframe.

All of our projects have one thing in common though: we always leverage our experience across many business domains and source systems to design the optimal solution based on the technology building blocks powered by Microsoft, SAP, Tableau and Informatica.

a BI project is more than tools alone - strategy is just as important
— Cristina Orodel BI program responsible at De Watergroep


The 6th has come

The year is 2015. Only a handful of people, a small office in the heart of Budapest and one dream. The dream to establish the globally already recognized brand of delaware on the Hungarian market and win not only the respect and recognition of the local customers, but their hearts as well. During these years, the current teams have emerged: our Infrastructure Team focusing mainly on the Eastern European market, our Digital Team working on fascinating .NET based CMS and CRM projects and our SAP Team providing expertise to the international efforts as well as gaining more and more ground within the circle of the other ERP consultancy companies in the country.

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The importance of data archiving

In today’s system landscapes data grows continuously and at an ever increasing speed. This creates a challenge for today’s businesses.
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Logistics and SAP Cloud? YES!

Over the past decades, the  internet has become an essential  part of our lives and its use in the corporate environment is also constantly expanding. Outstanding among these is the use of the Cloud, which is also one of the main strategic pillars for SAP. Although the ever-expanding range of cloud-based services has been available within SAP since 2012, logistics and most of all warehousing logistics  has been so far less open towards this area.
However, the general growing trust in the direction of the Cloud and in many cases the applications that are only available through the Cloud platform have also led to a more open mindset in this industry as well. The SAP integration of transport (TM – Transport Management) and warehouse logistics (EWM - Extended Warehouse Management) already contains many process improvement and optimization elements, but the use of the Cloud expands the range of possibilities further.

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E-invoicing: can a unique solution be fast?

Most of us like standard solutions due to how fast, easy, and effective they are. Then how is it even possible that not everybody chooses this option? Every company has its very own, unique business need and at delaware we know perfectly well that there are special cases — and special customers — who will require a completely unique solution to suit them perfectly. This was the case with Joris Ide as well.

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