delaware Business Intelligence Corporate Department is Formed within Budapest Business School

Dec 21, 2021
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Based on the collaboration between delaware and Budapest Business School, delaware Business Intelligence Corporate Department was founded at the end of 2021.

With the start of the spring semester of 2022, our colleagues will start taking part in the education of the students. The primary goal of the department is to provide such an enterprise resource planning system knowledge that would uniquely enable students to kickstart their careers with a competitive enterprise resource planning system module knowledge. “We make it our corporate responsibility to elevate the higher education of students with practical knowledge.” – Ádám Jezsoviczky, Managing Director of delaware Hungary

During their studies, students will learn about integrated system not only from an operative, but from a project point of view as well. Furthermore, they will also have the opportunity to gain insight into how logistics and finances can be integrated within an organization and other related activities and planning processes concerning the implementation of a full integrated system. 

“As representatives of a global IT consultancy company, we will strive to take advantage of the framework of the higher educational system in order to enable the upbringing of the new generation of enterprise resource planning system consultants. To help facilitate the learning process, students will also be able to spend their internship at delaware, where they will be able to put their newly gained knowledge to the practical test by working on real customer projects.” – Gergely Rusz, SAP Solution Lead, Head of delaware Business Intelligence Corporate Department