When in Belgium

dec. 13, 2017

I reckon I am a lucky person because I have travelled a lot around the world so I have a good benchmark. Altough this is the second country where I work which means that I spend more time than a regular 2 weeks vacation. I have been to Belgium before although it was 15 years ago now but basic things have not changed.


I think when you are thinking about Belgium the first things are coming to the picture: chocolates, beers and from the history side Waterloo or 2nd World War.

SAP S/4HANA simplifies and connects processes, provides live information and insights, and embeds your enterprise firmly into the digital world at large. In this way, it helps companies tackle some of today’s most pressing business challenges: unsupported decision-making, and increasingly complex processes and technologies.

So, why are companies so afraid to make the move? We’re debunking three major concerns: the stability and maturity of the platform, adoption of the new Fiori user interface, and the impact of migration on custom development.

1. Stability and maturity

Is SAP S/4HANA ERP suite just another fad in the quickly changing field of business solutions? The answer is clear: not by a long shot. SAP has been building on its underlying HANA in-memory data platform since 2011, and over 2700 projects have successfully been implemented over the years. The solution’s first iterations started small, and over the years, new features have been added and tested to guarantee optimum performance. In short: S/4HANA might be cutting-edge, but it is also a mature, proven solution rooted in expertise and experience.

2. From SAP GUI to Fiori

With S/4HANA, SAP has finally exchanged its bland general user interface for Fiori, which features a tiled design that resembles that of a smartphone. But what about users who are actually used to the ‘classic’ way of working via SAP GUI? Will you need to train them all overnight? No. Those who prefer to do so can still perform their daily tasks within their trusted environment, since SAP GUI is not dead. And while they won’t benefit from all the bells and whistles Fiori offers, this gives your business the opportunity for a gradual, undisruptive transition.

3. Custom development

Another likable point that Belgium is in the heart of Europe. If you want you can be in Paris, London, Amsterdam within 2,5 hours by train but if you like driving you can be on the shore within 1,5 hours or within Ardennes if you want to see some green around you. Around Leuven you can find huge parks, some of them have several football fields, tennis courts, rugby and basketball court as well. 


Author: Pok Balint. You can connect with Balint on LinkedIn.

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