How to stimulate a kick-ass company culture

aug. 25, 2015

Every day at Delaware Consulting, people are reminded of the 5 company values: care, entrepreneurship, team spirit, commitment and respect. They are ever-present, living and breathing, without actually being mentioned literally too often. It is something you feel immediately when you are confronted with our colleagues and teams.

In the coming months, we’ll be welcoming a whole batch of fresh colleagues. But they won’t be colleagues for too long, they’ll quickly become more than that: they’ll become “Delawareians”, which is almost a synonym for ‘Best Friends’!

The way our company ensures that those close ties between people grow and are nurtured is actually quite simple. Not a day goes by without making sure that our core values are applied.

3 simple ways to improve your company culture

1. Comfortably kicking off the week

Every Monday morning, a weekly moment no one is particularly looking forward to, Delaware Consulting provides fresh pastry. This makes people socialize and share their stories from the past weekend. There’s fresh fruit all week long as well to ensure we all have enough vitamins to work hard!

2. No hierarchic boundaries

Everybody at Delaware Consulting can see and hear the management team all the time. And they invite you for lunch a lot more than you’d expect. The entire company is basically one flat platform of collaboration. There are no artificial barriers and no one has to be afraid of speaking up.

3. Let’s team up!

Last on the list but certainly not least:  we have many team events all year long where everyone is invited to join. There are sports days, family days, B1s and more where we are all reminded of how big we’re getting as a company while still being able to feel like a close group of friends and family.

Colleagues become friends

The best way to see Delaware Consulting is as one big giant heart: it beats consistently, sometimes a little too fast while making a lot of noise, but it’ll always be a place where people can happily work and are challenged to pursue the best in themselves, the best for their friends, family and co-workers and the best for our customers. Our customers always come first!

This culture and the effort our management makes to ensure that that culture sticks has enabled close friendships to grow. And when everyone gets along, it’s reflected in the quality of the work they deliver.
In the end, everybody wins!

A happy place

Delaware Consulting is a happy place where people can get work done in a fun and empowering way. Obviously, there are moments of ups and downs, but knowing that you’re part of a team that cares about each other, about the customer and about the quality of the work that we deliver, really makes Delaware Consulting a great place to work!


Does your company have some creative ways to encourage a great company culture? We are interested to hear from you!


Olivier Bauwens. You can follow Olivier on Twitter (@OlivierBauwens) or connect with him on LinkedIn
Yari Depla. You can follow Yari on Twitter (@YariDepla) or connect with him on LinkedIn