Customers demand personalisation, but not at the expense of speed

The demand for personalised products is greater than ever and goes hand in hand with high expectations. Customers want all their personalised wishes to be fulfilled and not at the expense of a fast product delivery time. At the same time, they want to be guided through the product process step by step and stay continuously informed of progress. As a manufacturing company, how do you deal with these sky-high customer expectations?

delaware's ERP template for manufacturers

FAST Engineer is a cost-efficient ERP template, based on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, for manufacturers looking for process excellence across finance, production and planning. You can align your product development, processes and IT utilising industry best practices, and extensive training documentation to reduce implementation time.  The package has led to operational excellence and better-informed decision-making across the process chain at more than 30 satisfied manufacturing companies.

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Innovation driven by necessity

This research insight report discusses the digital technologies that make different propositions possible. What is clear from the pandemic is that maintaining the status quo is no longer an option; companies now need to prioritise resilience and responsiveness over cost and efficiency.

Industry 4.0

While many large enterprise companies are already familiar with the applications of Industry 4.0, SMEs are starting to discover the benefits as well. To meet the demand for personalised products and services and to be able to compete with big players, SMEs must also embrace the logic of data and insights to steer processes. SAP and Microsoft are pushing forward to make Industry 4.0 attainable for players of all industries and sizes, and delaware is ready to help you realise the potential of this technology.

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"Align your processes and IT optimally with your product. That means first organise, then automate."

Danish Sherwani

With almost 15 years of experience as a business process consultant, Danish works with organisations to understand the demand within their current ERP system, and how they can begin unlocking new processes and resources for driving stable growth.