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Organisations need flexible and motivated employees. We help you imagine and realize the different shapes your workforce can shift into.

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Change Management

Increase the internal adoption of your newly introduced services, solutions or business strategies. With proper change management and communication, you’re sure to maximise your ROI and achieve your business goals. Our expertise: coaching, organisational transformation, change planning
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Continuous learning

We provide effective learning strategies, tools and techniques that enable your organisation, partners and customers to grow efficiently. Our expertise: end-user training, learning platforms, SAP Enable Now
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Employee Work hub

Empower your employees with an app-driven digital workplace and single point of entry for all types of communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, services and tools. Our expertise: digital workplaces, Teams, Office 365
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People Dynamics

Using analytics to reveal deep insights that support your HR strategy. Our expertise: deep people analytics, skill mining, workforce planning, employee engagement and sentiment
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People Operations

Seamlessly balance operational excellence and a great employee experience. With SAP SuccessFactors, you get the best of many worlds: great recruitment and onboarding experiences, employee ownership via the Employee Central, payroll integration and more. Our expertise: SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HCM
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SAP SuccessFactors

Seamlessly balance operational excellence and a great employee experience. HR seamlessly combines efficient and error-free operations with first-class employee experiences. With human experience platform SAP SuccessFactors, you don’t choose between one or the other. You get the best of many worlds..

How to build a future-proof employee experience roadmap

All the experiences your employees have with your company, make up the employee experience. From the actual hiring over the first day on the job, throughout the career path all the way up to becoming an alumni.

By placing your employees’ experiences centre stage,  you can build an agile and future-proof anywhere-plus-office hybrid workplace model that works for everyone.

we commit
to helping your workforce become more efficient, effective and innovative

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A New Initiative: Micro-lending with Kiva

We're excited to announce that we're launching a new sustainability initiative within Delaware, using the platform, Kiva. Kiva is an incredible platform that facilitates micro-lending to projects in developing countries, from individuals around the world.

Our Sustainability Working Group are focused on encouraging the #peopleofdelaware to get involved with Kiva and start investing in their projects, wherever they can.
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Unlocking innovation with Dynamics 365

“Unlock next”.

With this simple baseline, Microsoft points to the virtually endless possibilities for innovation and optimisation offered by Dynamics 365. In fact, the plethora of options can be so overwhelming that organisations risk missing vital opportunities hiding in plain sight. delaware expert Niels Matthys offers a practical framework to making the most of your Dynamics 365 environment, starting today.

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Optimise your finance organisation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Where your team used to focus on balancing the books, you are now expected to help your organisation make decisions in support of its strategy. Advances in new technology are sure to help you in that shift, as they create opportunities to enhance the user experience, increase efficiency, improve effectiveness and create added value. Need some examples of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help? We asked our Microsoft finance expert Laurens Verhofstadt.

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