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Supporting the North Sea Transition Deal

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People and skills continue to be at the core of the deal, which includes a commitment to facilitate the reskilling of existing parts of the oil and gas workforce to ensure that people and skills are transferable across the wider energy sector.
NSTD One Year On; Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, March 2022
HR challenges across the Energy Sector

HR challenges across the Energy Sector

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Talented employees with the most sought-after skills are increasingly scarce, meaning that organisations must work harder to retain their people.  

To recruit, retrain and retain the skills you need to outperform your competition, you need to deliver an exceptional employee experience. To do so, Human Capital Management (HCM) must become Human Experience Management (HXM). Organisations that embrace HXM achieve better business results, higher productivity, better revenue per employee and lower employee turnover.   

Delaware’s FAST HR solution places your employees needs at the centre of your HR systems: accelerating your people systems by creating a culture of growth and productivity. Invested employees generate great business value, becoming ambassadors, for your culture and brand.

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About FAST HR for Energy

Powered by SAP SuccessFactors, Delaware have developed FAST HR for Energy as a template solution to address the challenges faced by energy businesses across the employee lifecycle. 

Key benefits of the solution include:

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