Asset Integrity Management

A Core Capability

Our focus and commitment:

Our Asset Integrity Management offering focuses on empowering your organisation by optimising the performance of your assets. We will advise you on the best-fit ERP solution for your business and help you to harness this technology to boost the reliability, efficiency and effectiveness of your assets. As your trusted partner, we'll help you keep the world's energy flowing securely. 

asset integrity management


Below are the common process challenges preventing your assets from yielding their full potential. 

We've designed a range of template solutions and offerings that will ensure your business can overcome these challenges and operate at maximum efficiency.

Partner Solutions

Delaware & Collaborit 

We have partnered with Collaborit to deliver a world-class, high-quality, cost-efficient capability specifically targeting those crucial areas of your business which will drive greater efficiencies.

Discover how Collaborit can help your business achieve optimum efficiency.

Delaware, SAP & Maximo

We have created a template solution for asset intensive organisations that integrates SAP S/4HANA and Maximo CMMS. 

The offering is designed to enable continuous communication and real-time high quality data, supporting maintenance operations across the complete asset and work maintenance life cycles.  

Discover how our integrating Maximo CMMs and SAP S/4HANA will benefit your business.

Template Solutions

Resource Optimisation 

Delaware have aligned a core capability both across our services offerings and also across the various solution offerings aligned to AIM. 

This consists of both insight to “best practice” deployment of SAP core solutions as well as value add solution “extensions". Utilising both internally developed solutions as well as our Partner aligned solutions.

More about Resource Optimisation template solution.

Field Logistics

Discover Delaware's Field Logistics template solution. 

Field Logistics is a new solution, developed for SAP S/4HANA, to replace and improve upon Remote Logistics Management. Delaware will deliver Field Logistics by following SAP's best practice, and will utilise our experience to deliver extensions to cover specific business scenarios.

More about Field Logistics template solution.

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