SAP Overview

The power of SAP to strengthen your business

The power of SAP to strengthen your business

By choosing SAP, you opt for the market leader in business software and for an innovation powerhouse. By choosing SAP and delaware, you ally software power with a commitment to improve your business according to your specific needs and objectives, with direct access to an international team of experts who are proven game-changers.

A futureproof platform

As a world leader, SAP never rests on its laurels. With SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud, SAP give companies of all sizes the opportunity to manage their strategic business applications in the cloud, lowering their total cost of ownership (TCO) significantly. The entry price to SAP has never been lower. Whether you decide for an on-premise model, a private cloud, a public cloud or hybrid architectures, you have the certainty that SAP can evolve according to your pace. And you can be sure that your platform will meet the demands of your evolving business model today, tomorrow and far into the future.

Best-in-class for all company needs

The depth and breadth of SAP’s business software portfolio is unrivalled. There is a best-in-class solution to cover all the digitization needs of a modern enterprise: from logistics to finance, from production planning to customer relationships. SAP combines its historical strengths in ERP and CRM with top-notch solutions to boost customer engagement in the m-commerce era (the SAP Hybris solutions), to move from traditional HR to talent management (SAP SuccessFactors) or to extract value from raw production data with SAP BI. On top of that, SAP has tailored software suites for all industries, from automotive to food to utilities and so many more.

From my earliest days developing software, I have always believed that design has to start with the user, ... Businesses around the globe need to look for innovation by focusing on their customers.
Hasso Plattner

Co-innovation that generates value

SAP and delaware have been partners for over 15 years now. delaware has access to key expertise at SAP headquarters. For instance, delaware has been involved in the beta-partner program for SAP Leonardo, the new digital innovation system from SAP. It delivers software and microservices that enable customers to leverage technologies like the Internet of Things, machine learning, blockchain, analytics, and Big Data. delaware itself as a company has been running 100% in the cloud, on SAP S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud for months now. This role as a frontrunner generates precious knowledge that delaware integrates into its SAP projects to help its own customers become more agile and perform better. delaware also involves its major customers into its own co-innovation programs such as Del20.

With its unrivalled track record and co-innovation approach, delaware is the partner of choice for companies looking to gain most from their SAP enterprise application software.

It brings you full end-to-end support in SAP solutions, including training and change communication, and develops the best mix of integrated applications and web services to suit your business’s needs for today and tomorrow.