Microsoft and delaware: the dream team partnership

Every day, Microsoft’s powerful ecosystem helps companies around the globe to perform better. For the last 15+ years, delaware experts have been at the forefront of every new development, establishing an increasingly close partnership centered entirely around improving your impact to your customers using Microsoft technology.

A dynamic duo

Microsoft and delaware are two peas in a pod, both committed to innovation and excellence. We make sure you benefit optimally from our close ties through top-notch service and inside knowledge.

Building a future together

Mainstream tech holds no secrets for delaware/Microsoft. But we’re also looking at what’s to come. As a prominent Gold Partner, we’re at the forefront of new developments and insights into the tech of tomorrow.

we commit
to offering our customers every advantage that comes with our unique partnership with Microsoft, in the context of day-to-day process improvements as well as outside-of-the-box innovation projects