Internet of Stuff and the Customer Relevance

Mar 26, 2015

At the end of the day, NRF 2015 was about bricks, technology and the emergence of Chief Customer Officers and Chief Omnichannel Officers. Customer (seamless) eXperience is the tip of the sword!

I thought something was missing, though.

When we speak about Customer eXperience (CX), we traditionally think about slick design, omnichannel coherence etc… but we don’t talk much, in that context, about the next big thing: the Internet of Everything.

‘The Internet of Everything will be the key enabler of industry scenarios and of innovations in the digital economy’, said Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, Products & Innovation. ‘It is converging our digital and physical worlds, which will spur new products and services, and even change business models. The Internet of Things has the potential to dramatically improve responsiveness of businesses, reimagine customer experience and open up new opportunities and brand new business models such as move from sell-to-service based models…’

It’s all about customer… relevance! And the bottom line!

The increased relevance implies to be able to collect (and exploit) contextual information during the customer journey. That’s quite common in the digital world by tracking someone’s browsing. But it also becomes possible in the real world with connected Things, People and Data.

Imagine the coherence and the relevance of the eXperience a customer will experiment during his omnichannel buying journey!

Of course, it will not come as a free lunch.

The Digital Enterprise that will emerge with the mass adoption of IoE will not come as an exclusively technological or IT related roadmap. It will have far reaching organizational implications that will need to be tackled. But together, the technology and the organizational shift will provide great opportunities to develop new business and organizational models that, in the end, will benefit the customer and the companies daring enough to embrace that technology early enough.

At Delaware Consulting we are ready to work in close relationship with our customers to help them dare! Who is in?


Author: Eric Hiernaux. You can follow Eric on Twitter (@ehiernaux) or connect with him on LinkedIn