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Many companies invest considerable resources in digital projects. But progress is sometimes slow, and ROI is often lacking. It can be challenging for companies to decide which projects to tackle first and how successful the outcome will be.

Our delaware digital team can help you connect the dots between technology, operations and customer-facing activities. Let us inspire you with a free 1-hour expert session where we dive into the latest trends in CX. Our team of skilled experts can offer you valuable insights and act as a sparring partner for you and your team. 

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How to get efficiency into your CX

How can you turn pain points into opportunities to make your customer experience more impactful and more efficient? We prepare an interactive session based on best practices and cover all aspects: from execution to governance and IT. 

Best practices in B2B portals

Wondering how to create a B2B portal that excels in self-service and automation, while maintaining an outstanding Customer Experience? Look no further! We will share succesful use cases from companies across diverse industries. 

Commercial performance optimization

Are you already using your transactional data to optimize marketing and sales activities. Discover practical insights and customer cases that demonstrate how to effectively leverage your data for optimal results

Embed Voice of the Customer in your day-to-day work

CES, NPS, CSAT… What are the right metrics to measure satisfaction? Furthermore, do you want to transform your data into actionable steps? We're here to help by providing you with practical tips and tricks to select the appropriate metrics and effectively translating data into tangible actions. 

Activate your customer base with marketing automation

Activating, nurturing and retaining prospects and customers is more than ever of crucial importance. Let us show you how marketing automation can help you to work more efficiently and more importantly, how to boost your business.

AI in marketing & web: concrete use cases

Everyone talks about it, but who is actually applying it. The potential of AI applications in sales, marketing or service are numerous. We shed light on the possibilities by sharing three success stories of our customers.

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