E-Invoicing is the only truly secure alternative It guarantees security and fraud protection

In the world today digitalization and automation are the key tools used to fight the rising security problems of the current day. Identity theft, invoices that had swapped account numbers and simple human errors are the cause of many payment related issues that in their turn cause a lot of frustration or in the worst case scenarios, a serious financial hangover.

Enter E-Invoicing! When delaware started with E-Invoicing many years ago it already covered the main aspects that our solutions still holds today: paperless, secure and technology agnostic. Whether you’re running on SAP or Microsoft, whether you want to automate your accounts payable or accounts receivable and no matter in what stage you are currently, delaware offers it’s E-Invoicing solutions to fulfill all your electronic invoicing needs.

Key features

The process and the flow of the Inbound E-Invoicing

Inbound E-Invoicing

Accounts Payable // Inbound E-Invoicing

Harmonization is the key takeaway for Inbound E-Invoicing. Whether your invoice arrives by paper, via an EDI message or a direct B2B connection, they are treated in exactly the same, standard way on the ERP system. 

The middleware (or EAI) in between guarantees the conformity of the format so the ERP can follow the standard validation process while at the same time storing the original (and official) documents in the archive for the audit trail.

The process and the flow of the Outbound E-Invoicing

Outbound E-Invoicing

Accounts Receivable // Outbound E-Invoicing

Instead of printing an invoice and sending it by post, with outbound E-Invoicing these documents are not printed but signed with a digital certificate and sent via e-Mail.

Doing this brings many advantages:

 - The invoice will arrive quicker

 - By signing it, the invoice can not be tampered with during transportation (for example on the e-Mailserver)

 - It is always put on the archive and linked back to the ERP or Finance system, leaving an audit trail that you are legally obligated to have

No more lost invoices, no more invoices arriving with different accounts numbers on them and no more room for human error. Full automation of accounts receivable processes is the only secure option to set this up.